Premiere: Naomie Klaus – Can I Be Your Geisha?

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A new tape emerges from French record label, Bamboo Shows. Odd synth pop with a whimsical twist.

She was gracious and elegant, dancing softly before them all as they watched onwards with jealousy and glee. From time to time she would vanish into the smoke and the fog, only to emerge more radiant and glowing than before she had disappeared.

This was all part of the magic, all part of the allure and the intrigue of such a beautiful display. She caught each onlookers eyes, longingly taking them in before whispering softly “can I be your geisha?” It was enough to set the whole damn world on fire, at least for an evening anyway.

Naomie Klaus is set to release a new tape via Bamboo Shows, a meandering, odd assortment of synth, new wave and electronic sounds which touch upon pop. It’s whimsical and weird, wonderful and wild.