Premiere: Kepler – Need

5 Minute Read

X-Kalay return with spaced out jams from Kepler on a new EP.

He watched from the window, at the world passing by below. From the fourth floor he considered what his world might look like if he were to be one of them, busy and on the way to and fro. Perhaps they were going to work, some might meet friends, others were simply taking in the brisk air of an Autumn morning.

Not him…

Here in this room he simply looked on, a distant figure on the periphery of a world which was not his. For he needed to be here, to be away, to be alone.

At least that’s what they said…


Kepler delivers futuristic House cuts on X-Kalay. This track ‘Need’ is a wicked, grooving Dub infused track reminiscent of 90’s/ 00’s Berlin. Excellent, high brow material for the discerning dancer.

Listen below: