Premiere: Headman – DeTurning

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Headman Album Cover FINAL

Moody Post Punk inspired material from longstanding producer Headman.

The car rattled and rumbled on through the night, the headlights illuminating the tarmac below and little else. All around them there was a thick dense black – the sort which might weigh you down if you were to let it.

The radio crackled from time to time as they dropped in and out of frequency – they were really in the middle of nowhere.

It was a cold out. Frosty even.

There was no turning back now…


Headman is set to release a new collection of tracks under the title ‘DeTurning’. Described as being a ‘collection which echoes Robi Insinna’s early days in London at the turn of the century where making music became a rebellion against the saccharine sound of the era.’

Listen below: