Premiere: Grischerr – N.H.S. (Heap Mix)

5 Minute Read

Futuristic breaks as Heap delivers a wicked remix for Terra Magica Rec.

Travelling through space, they looked out at what was below them. The planet was far away now and there was no guarantee that they might ever be able to return. Perhaps they were destined to live amongst the stars. They would become the aliens they once feared as they floated from realm to realm in the darkness.

There wasn’t much light up here, nor sound but for the occasional chime or hum from the machine which propelled them onwards. Sometimes it were as if it was trying to communicate with them, perhaps to let them know that they were not all alone.


Terra Magica Rec. are set to release a record from Grischerr called ‘Blue Gem Cavalcade’. It’s a special, pensive collection of deep futuristic sounds paired with remixes from some stellar producers. The Heap remix was our pick of the bunch.

Listen below: