Naum Gabo unveil dark and enveloping debut album ‘F. Lux’ on DFA

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Out on March 8th via DFA, the album marks a significant departure from their previous discography, showcasing a darker, heavier, and more comprehensive sound from the Glasgow duo.

Surrender to the sonic abyss as Glasgow-based duo Naum Gabo, comprised of Jonnie Wilkes (one half of Optimo) and prolific mastering engineer James Savage, announce the release of their inaugural album, ‘F. Lux.’

Written and produced entirely at their Glasgow Hottrax Studios, ‘F. Lux’ is the result of altered working methods and an unhurried, pressure-free schedule. The duo combines analogue sequences, drum programming, sampling, sound design, field recordings, and experimental processing to create an engaging sonic journey. The album’s cover art, crafted by Scottish painter Andrew Cranston, complements the intense and surreal atmospheres explored within the eight tracks.


From the pounding, world-ending techno of ‘Schinokapsala’ and lead single ‘This 1¨º∆’ to the sharply imagined, metallic machines in ‘Aora’ and ‘Haerstag,’ ‘F. Lux’ is a unique and immersive experience. For those ready to venture into uncharted musical territories, Naum Gabo’s ‘F. Lux’ is an exploration of real-life dissonance and aural intensity.

“Accepting that sound is affecting us all the time is very curious indeed; that we are required to live with it constantly. That’s a lot to consider then when it comes to making ‘music’”, says Wilkes. “A consistent source of fascination for us are sounds that sit with some difficulty beside one another, but once heard just have to be. A perversion, misapplication, accident, call it what you will, but we see this inelegance as ok.”

Full tracklist below:

1. Aora
2. Tolis
3. Schinokapsala
4. Hebust Cometh
5. Haerstag
6. This 1¨º∆
7. Nothing In My Hand
8. Parasymptofelia

Pre-Order the album and stream first single HERE.

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