Premiere: Gratts – Jour De Fête (Conrad Idjut’s Quokka Dub)

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Cosmic decadence from Conrad from the Idjut Boys who remixes Gratts on a new EP.

The tension in the air was wild – some could barely contain their excitement at the thought of such exuberance. The big day was finally here and soon they would all come together to dance and celebrate in the streets as one community.

For some this would be the latest in a long series of extravagant parades yet for others this would be their first carnival.  Soon they’d be greeted with a splendid array of colours and songs the likes they’d never seen or heard before.

The heat beamed down from above for it was the height of summer. It was jam hot.

They’d dance all night long as the sound of trumpets began to echo in the distance as the march began.


Gratts is set to release a new EP on Be Strong Be Free. It features a brilliant cosmic balearic remix from Conrad, half of the magical duo Idjut Boys.

Listen below: