Premiere: EZ Dee – Plastic Baby

5 Minute Read

Authentic Electro & House from Miami Beach on Open Space.

The waterpark was open for business as the crowds poured in to celebrate the summertime. It was sunny out and the deep blue pools rippled in the glow of the morning sunshine as the people gathered and assembled in their swarms.

Above water there was a myriad of colours – wicked shiny plastic everywhere as if illuminating the land with some kind of fluorescent force. Slides and features, walls and wheels, signs and speakers. It was an assault on the senses as colour deafened all else.

The sound of splashing from the pools was loud as the tinny sound of music blared from loudspeakers all over the waterpark.


EZ Dee channels the early, nostalgic sound of classic House and Electro on a new EP which sounds as though it could of ripped through speakers in the early 90’s. Hard hitting original sounds from Miami Beach for the true school heads in the club.

Listen below: