Premiere: DC Salas – Never Ending Story

5 Minute Read

A Cosmic workout from DC Salas on A Lifetime On The Hips.

He walked down the corridors and could feel the pounding feet from the amphitheatre above. Soon it would be his turn to enter the cauldron and face whatever wicked foe was put before him. He had been training long and hard for this day, preparing his body and conserving his energy so that he might rise to noble victory and seek knighthood.

This was all he had ever dreamed of and now as he prepared himself his breath was thin and shallow, his heart pacing quickly and his mind whirring with the potential and possibility that was to come.

Fearless is more, fearless was more. That was what he’d learnt whilst fighting in the pits of hell. It had all lead him to here…


DC Salas continues to enchant dancefloors with big room club bangers that rally dancers and bring enlightenment. This new EP on A Lifetime On The Hips is no different with this synth driven powerhouse of a track doing the damage already.

Listen below: