Premiere: Cristian Croce Feat Giara – AfreakA

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Ruvido – Changes EP – Cristian Croce  – 1

Laid-back, late-night “AfreakA” grooves featuring the vocals of Giara.

Cristian Croce and Giara, quite the pair, Dropped “AfreakA” with flair, in the crisp night air, On Ruvido Records, a label so rare, Their sounds, they love to share.

The beats are wild, the melody absurd, In this musical fantasy, they’re not deterred, With a groove so infectious, like a magic word, AfreakA’s rhythm, an adventure incurred.

So take a chance, let your feet tap and sway, To the nonsense of AfreakA, come what may, With Cristian and Giara leading the way, On Ruvido Records, it’s a dance to play!


Cristian Croce’s Changes two-tracker single is next up on  Ruvido Records.

We’re premiering the laid-back, late-night groove of “AfreakA” featuring the vocals of Giara.

Listen below and pre-order here :