Premiere: Caldera – Turbine Mode (Underwater Sunset Mix)

5 Minute Read

Floating through space and time with a new EP from Caldera on Nummer Music.

In the distance you could see them looming – a line of them dotted sporadically in the middle of the open water. The waves crashed against the structure of each, it was a stormy day but the resilience of these great machines was fierce and could withstand even the most powerful of storms.

Each turbine was remarkable – a feat of engineering in truth. They sat perched on the outskirts of this small island keeping it whirring and energised day by day – there was no off mode. They’d simply spin and spin until the world ceased to exist and there was nothing left for them to spin for.

As the sunlight began to fade, their omnipresent shadow was all that could be seen against the backdrop of the ocean skyline…


Next up on Nummer Music is a release from Caldera – a tremendous EP which mutates between House, Techno, Bass and IDM in an intriguing, slippery fashion. A collection of tracks delicately poised for the club which also sound equally great in the headphones all alone.

Listen below: