Premiere: YS – Fading Memory

5 Minute Read

Intelligent experimental Electronics from YS on Pace Yourself.

There were little pieces and fragments which presented themselves to him every now and then. They were bittersweet in the sense that they reminded him of a more joyous and hopeful time but in the present he couldn’t quite recall what they were and how they connected to his world. Some said he had a fading memory but that was hard to fathom when he was blessed with the occasional flicker of her face.

He used to recall her every smile in his dreams, the way in which her lips curled and the depths to her laugh. Now it was only her eyes he could revisit from time to time.

Apparently it would all fade into nothing entirely with time. Yet there would always be that piece of her which lived on, dancing on the periphery of his mind.


YS is set to release a new album on Berlin based record label Pace Yourself – the record features an intelligent collection of Electronic music which meanders and wanders between Trip Hop, Bass, Breaks and beyond. This is perhaps the labels most accomplished release to date.

Listen below: