Premiere: Adriaan de Roover – Other Rooms

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Diverging textures and experimental acoustics from the Belgian composer…

In the land of Dauw, where nonsense blooms, Lived Adriaan de Roover, in many different rooms.
With teacups afloat and chairs doing flips, His laughter echoed in the upside-down skips.

Other Rooms he sought, a magical spree, Where shadows chatted, and dreams ran free.
Jibberwocky’s rhymes, a tangled ballet, In Dauw’s embrace, Adriaan danced away.

Through marshmallow floors and rainbow dreams, Adriaan waltzed, in fanciful streams.
An exit appeared, “Reality’s door,” But Dauw’s magic lingered, forevermore.


Belgian artist Adriaan de Roover takes an unconventional approach with his latest work and second solo album ‘Other Rooms.’ After a decade of exploration in experimental sound, he delves into societal freezes and the dissolution of relationships. Initially recorded for a 2020 performance with Fennesz at Église Notre-Dame de Laeken, ‘Other Rooms’ underwent further refinement in 2023.

Contemplating different versions of life, residing in the space between them—a persistent exploration of “what if” scenarios. The album’s introspective melodies convey a desire for connection, both with oneself and others, as well as with the vast scope of existence.

Out February 16, ‘Other Rooms’ on the Dauw imprint we’re premiering Other Rooms

Listen below: