We Actually Like…#23


Alex Burkat – Shower Scene

After the first two releases from Antony Naples being widely well-received, the boys from Mr. Saturday Night have released a couple of clips from their next 12" from a new producer by the name of Alex Burkat. Apparently he's a regular at their clubnight in New York, with the dancer switching roles to provide the music, which I think is quite a cute touch, and the music ain't bad either! Dreamy, off-kilter house with a lot of elements come together in a rather grandiose way, should be a tip for the future! (Patrick)

Ma Spaventi – Jungle / Insanity

MOS Recordings is one of those labels that constantly churns out top quality releases and doesn't seem to get the recognition it deserves, with this latest single from Ma Spaventi arguably constituting the strongest yet. Rugged, stripped back house music that's the anti-thesis to a lot of the trendy crap that's knocking about at the moment, a furious melange of clattering hi-hats and soaring atmospherics. Jungle just about takes it for me, with an irresistible bassline and almost unbearable extended periods of percussive tension, although both tracks are superb examples of just how rugged and raw modern house can be. (Patrick)

Paul Lyman – No Shame (Very Very Wrong Indeed Recordings) 

It's hard not to like what VVWI does.  They somehow manage to release music from pretty much the same pool of artists (in this case it's VVWI-regular Paul Lyman), but it's never dull.  Tim Sheridan wouldn't have it any other way.  (Mike)


D'Julz – Special Day (Circus Company)

Hypnotically sick!
Nail – BPMs Volume 1 (Airdrop)
This is an absolute belter, courtesy of Nail, who you may know better as Neil Tolliday of Bent fame.  Sometimes slow mo, sometimes up at 120, sometimes lush and warm, always trippy.  It's like a combination of classic Moodymann and modern-day Cottam, which is no bad thing.


The Carry Nation – House Like This EP – Batty Bass  – Luke Howard and Severino remix… mmm
Ace, ace remix from Luke Howard and Severino of the Carry Nation banger 'This Bitch Is Alive'. Luke and Seve turn in a low slung deep bounce fuelled beauty. Taken from the House Like This EP, it forms part of Batty Bass's New York Series showcasing some of the city's underground house scene… thought that NYC was a bit over at the moment? Think again. This release and what comes after it highlights the secret loft spaces where voguers carry on and on til sunrise and beyond… and on. Buy this record.