We Actually Like…Halloween Special


"That's right Winchell's Donuts do magic things to your mouth."

Tom Waits
There's loads of horror house, there's loads of sci fi/horror eighties boogie, there's loads of mental illness inducing krautrock, but there's only one Tom Waits – and when he hits his terrifying stride he could reduce a rod of iron to a quivering mess. Taken from the masterful Mule Variations album, this is Tom in all his freaked out glory, muttering incoherently under his breath with an air of the Josef Fritzl's about him. Frightening. (Joe)

Rhythm & Sound – No Partial
R & S have always had some bewitching voodoo going on, as if the singers are intoning occult spells while Mark Ernestus and Moritz Von Oswald vitalize the atrophied flesh of dub and techno, compounding the two in some new, skulking colossal. This one has that furtive gait and those cryptic semblances but still rumbles and throbs viscerally, rattling guts and tingling spines. (#1)

Wooden Shjips – For So Long
Almost has that 'motorik' pulsation perfected by Neu, but is more unhinged, reeking of leaking diesel and spilt whisky, as it hurls and surges onward, driven by a lysergic-powered throttle. (#2)

Sycorax – Flip Got Switched (Steve Summers Remix)
Jason Letkiewicz has a whole host of guises; Innergaze, Two Dogs in a House (with Ron Morelli, who incidentally have just put out the latest L.I.E.S. release, which you can check out here), Malvoeaux, Sensual Beings, Confused House – sufficient for diagnosis of some kind of personality disorder. But its with the Steve Summers moniker that I think he's made some of his best. Here, he twists the dancefloor fare of Sycorax's original, with its 'I'm so wounded' R & B mantra, into lustrous, viscous acid-smarts, sedating it with airy drifts, but maintaining an entranced creep. (#3) (Tim)

Prince Buster – Ghost Dance
Rocksteady royalty Prince Buster brings us this slice of reggae made to get any ghost or ghoul moving. Complete with spooooooky moans and groans, this is great stuff! (Patrick)

Hear The Monsters: Spooky Sounds & A Scary Tale- Winchell's Donut House Halloween Record
I should've really picked Ghostbusters or Thriller or something… you know me, I love a good pop record and never tire of either of those two either. I'll probably play them about 5 times each on Saturday too. Also Joe's already covered spoken word scariness but this couldn't really be left alone. This really is Jimmy Saville horror house material and I don't even know where the hell to begin with this. The bloke clear
"That's right Winchell's Donuts do magic things to your mouth." Frightning stuff for me, christ knows what happened to the kids in this recording after this. Speechlessly terrified. (Wil)