We Actually Like…#9


Gerry Read – Evidence (Single Edit) 

Entirely produced in his bedroom, there's an unkempt joy to this which distinguishes it from the strictly ordered, tightly compacted, insensate hollowness that you often hear. It's fortunate (relative) newcomers like Read and John Heckle are injecting elements of dynamic mess into their productions. (Tim)

Lauer – Mascat Ring Down

Lauer's first release on Tim Sweeney's newish Beats in Space label is a swish swathe of space boogie, simple and funky – just the way I like it. The flip sees Lee Douglas dirty it up  a bit, nice, but the original is the one for me – more of a naive charm and sounds like it was made without too much reliance on the compoota. (Joe)

M.E.B. – Dead Faces – Let's Play House

Good ole Mr Big Two Hundred Dean Chicken-y Lips Meredith… always rely on him to turn out low-slung funk with those sorts of lazy bass sounds that only he does so well that it oozes groove and bounce. You're unsunng hero of the modern slowed down grooves permeating from all pores at the moment. Replete with Neville Watson & Sebastian San mixes on the full release. this deserves to sell a few… now where did that ace White Light Circus 12 get to..? must go dig it out (Wil)