we actually like #49


Leon Lowman – Liquid Diamonds

Gloriously laid back funk from Leon Lowman in this retrospective comp out now on new Amsterdam based re-issue label, Music From Memory. Like Herbie Hancock if he were smoking super shkunk – highlights include Flourescent Funk and the title track, Liquid Diamonds, but all 12 tracks on the vinyl release are worth checking. Quality. (Joe)

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Kiwi – The Guanako Haka 

I seem to spend most of my days on this page wittering on about the good stuff Days Of Being Wild put out… but they have exceptionally good ears and pretty much everything that lands in our mailbox is the stuff of said goodness. The latest from them is from South London based Kiwi. With releases lined up on Kitsun, Needwant and Deep Shit this EP weaves from slo-mo techno ‘drug chug’ – yup it’s that word again – into beatless synth-led psychedelia that wouldn’t sound out of place on some experimental electronique obscurities collection from yesteryear.  A great EP once again. Viva DOBW! (Wil)

Edit Service 10 – Young Marco

Ah Marco. Your musical repertoire knows no boungs. Continually plucking obscurities out of the ethereal sky. Stepping up to the fold for I’m A Cliche’s regular forays into the Edit he’s picked visceral beauty. Download, drive to the end of a runway, lie on top of the car, play loud over low flying aircraft whilst the bright sunrise breaks overhead… (Wil)

?Blawan – 6 to 6 Lick

Admittedly, techno is something I don’t spend a lot of time listening to. I enjoy it, but I tend to be drawn to more of the bass genres as that’s where my interest in electronic music began… Blawan has changed this for me though, I love the way he’s drawn on dubstep influences but whilst making techno tracks. 6 to 6 Lick is around a year old now but in my opinion it sounds fresh as ever. I love the way you’re teased into the track with the build up of all the different layers of sound.  (Jake)