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This week, rather than go for a new release I thought I’d go for one of the numerous overlooked artists on Soundcloud who are obviously a lot better than 90 percent of the artists who’s records are clogging up the universe. So, then, let’s talk about LOGE. 46 Soundcloud followers, yet banging out lovely lo-fi jams that are deserved of a much larger audience. It’s that vibe that’s seeping in: Boogie-influenced, tapey, lo fi house and techno. Loge does it better than most, and I would bet my bottom dollar that in a year or so we’ll be buying the records and raving about them. Check out the clip below and the rest of the demos on Soundcloud. (Joe Evans)

Ninetoes – Finder (Klang Electronic)

Not a label I usually check for if I’m honest but I stumbled across this via the Pional Boiler Room set a week or so ago and it’s a megaton bomb. Think steel band tanked up on poppers ready to slay the dancefloor.
Reminds me a little of the Katzenjammers version of Cars by Garry Newman. Ohh got to dig out that 7″.
(Joe Europe) 

Pasarella Death Squad – Giant EP – Days Of Being Wild
How does one filter music these days? This #firstworldproblem is becoming a daily inbox battle. What if I had missed this utter beauty drop the through the virtual e-door?! Apparently Pasarella DS are cult clothing designers… but that’s not of interest to me right now. What is, is the music. The band cite influences as far reaching as the Cocteau Twins, PIL and The Velvet Underground through to LFO, DJ Hell and (ex Micronaut) George Issakidis. If you can’t hear most of that contained within this sublime four track EP and more then you don’t have hear. A quadruped beast of an EP with a mixture of vocal and instrumental soundscapes. By far the best thing I’ve heard this month. I need to hear more. Listen to snippets below… go and buy. 

Influences from classic artists such as Cocteau Twins, PIL and The Velvet Underground
through to more recent visionaries such as LFO, DJ Hell and
(ex Micronaut) George Issakidis which results in a hugely individual sound.


PoP Campaign – Where We Are Living
Like early Kid Unicorn with more dramatic swathes of emotional key emotional-ness. Frenetic, high octane off-kilter pop. Fuck Will.I.Am and his Trance N’ B and Daft Punk nonsense. This is where pop music should be headed. Go get, get.

Ursa Minor – Hurt (Pedestrian Remix) & Foamo – Release Me ft Lotti

I’m having withdrawal symptoms from Gottwood. The Saurday night with Eton Messy, Pedestrian and Maribou State all playing consecutively was too much to handle. I’m kinda cheating with two tracks this week but to start here’s a recent track of Pedestrian’s that I remember hearing during his set. I love the fuzziness in the background, reminds me of a crackly old record. This dreamy track fitted into the forested surroundings that were Gottwood perfectly and is another one of those songs that makes you want to go party out in the sunshine. I really like the artwork too, well designed and thought through artwork is quite often hard to come by these days… (Jake)

I’m also going with a track by Foamo, seems to be popular on R$N this week! It was dropped multiple times over the weekend by various people and never failed to get a reaction. Full on party tune with a bassline to kill. The whole EP is pretty good too but I’m not going to post that as it’d be over kill. You can find it here. (Jake)