we actually like #30


The Webboes – Under The Wear

Completely unhinged slice of early 80s Electro on Sam Records. Sounds like the product of some serious PCP binge, all over the place but charming and futuristic at the same time (Joe):

Ruf Dug – Magnetic Atmosphere

Cracking slice of lo-fi off kilter house from Manchester don Ruf Dug, with euphoric keys and the frantic gallop of the drum machine submerged under a thick layer of retro griminess. Proper. (Patrick)

After causing mayhem in the hands of a select few  and rising to anthem status at Andrew Weatherall & Sean Johnston’s mighty A Love From Outer Space, Logan Fisher’s edit of “Walk The Night” is finally getting a vinyl only release on his Haules Baules imprint , accompanied by a mind altering acid interpolation remix courtesy of the aforementioned Mr Johnston in his Hardway Bros guise. Check out the video… apparently it’s from a hard to find film called the The Cruiser with Al Pacino. I’ve certainly never seen it.


T Williams remix of Wretch 32
?Regular readers of these pages will know what huge supporters of Wretch 32… umm oh no, is this the right site? Damn exposed ourselves, literally… 
When T Williams remix of the latest Wretch 32 offering Blackout dropped into the inbox we were filled with more than an element of trepidation. But then this is T we’re talking about. Responsible for injecting that element of refined fun back into the dancefloor, it’s been a joy to watch the ascendance of Mr Williams. Here he turns in a proper speed garage jump around monster. In age of the utter dross that is being passed off as pop music, this goes quite a way to restoring the faith we once had in it…  big!