Under The Counter #20: Crevette Records


In this series we ask some of our favourite shops from around the world to tell us about the records passing through their premises at present. For our first instalment of 2020 we head back to Brussels and to Crevette Records, a space that has become a hub of for the local music community since they opened their doors a few years ago. The spectrum is broad, the vibe familiar and friendly, offering a wide breadth of electronic music from second hand picks to exclusive finds. This time they approach things a little differently, sharing the records that weren't sold in the shop but that instead found their way into their own record bags… We're going under the counter.

"Crevette opened it's doors about two years ago and ever since we try to give everyone who visits a diverse insight into the electronic music scene. We have a regular supply of more exclusive, hard to find gems but keep the second hand crates filled with cheap, yet well selected music too. A wide selection of both new and second hand records, ranging from weirdo spaced out electronica to ’90s driving Detroit techno, but also soothing disco vibes and early proto house will give every digger a chance to find music to their likings."

"Records that we didn’t sell to our customers but ended up in our own bags, oops… Selection by the Crevette Records staff members."

Walrus' Picks

Chris Korda – Akoko Ajeji [Perlon123]

Something different, layered and beautiful. Best Perlon release in years. Thomas Franzmann stays one of the best label curators of the last 25 years. Big influence for what we do with BM for sure.

Goiz – Green [Open Space 01]

My friend Taylor Shockley introduced me to this in NYC a few months ago. Fount it in the shop shortly after. Goiz is a young producer from Miami, Florida vibin' on that wave we do love so much: marimba's/breakbeats/positivity. Keep an eye on the label which is also run by the producer Pablo Arrangoiz, alongside his friend DJ Ray.

Eric Nouhan – Comet Impact (Calisto Mix) [Timeless Records 006]

Anyone who saw me play the last months must recognise this one 🙂 it's a 1994 sing along house/acid/trance gem… hands in the air!!

Alfred Anders picks

Shaka Shaka – Zulu Groove [Beat Box – BB 004-12]

One-off track from the Shaka Shaka group. Percussion based, tropical groover from 1990 on Belgian label Beat Box. Funny info for those who know ‘Pat Krimson’, he was part of this project.

Various – Technopolis [Antler–Subway – AS 5004 LP]

Weirdo track that surfs in between New Beat and Electro. It came out on the Belgian Antler- Subway label in 89’. This track brings you to another robotic dimension. Some other cool gems on the LP too. Play this one LOUD and bring out your best breakdance moves!

Blasphemy – Flirtation In Paradise [Mackenzie Records – MAC 1020]

Belgian ‘’1-euro-deal’’ record from the early 90s that came out on the Mackenzie label. Finding the right balance between rave, proto techno and breakbeat. Let’s flirt in paradise one day, with loads of X T C !

Jakob's picks

Luke Slater's 7th Plain – Pearl [TEEXLP3]

A chugging and looming techno track, pretty unusual compared to Slater’s other 7th Plain output. Surprisingly this one is only available on part 3 of the Trance Europe Express compilation series. The series aimed to bring forward the best of what Europe had to offer at the time, but it seems like they didn’t care as much about the pressing quality so if Luke is reading this: you know what to do.

Echoplex – Chord Man [Hz-50]

Immense production quality on all tracks of the EP (and this artist’s work in general), but this deep techno track is my favourite. I think Peter is planning to release a new album soon so definitely something to look forward to.

7 Dwarfs – Cheese And Onion [Skan One]

Obscure old Belgian label with some seriously weird tracks on all four of the coloured vinyl releases, some more playable then others.

Boudewijn Erickx Picks

Junes – A View [Dote001] 

A very nice debut on Junes’ own Dote imprint. Eight tracks that take you on different journeys, but all of them are warm, mysteriously trippy and full of jazz influences. Definitely a producer and a label to look out for.

Kandis – Set Tecker [Karaoke Kalk 2]

It shouldn’t all be about pumping records that keep you going. Sometimes the importance of cooling down and balancing out the energy levels in your collection is overlooked. I was pleasantly surprised by this one coming out of the leftfield electronica section, a versatile record with five cool cuts from Kandis released in the late ‘90s on this interesting label from Cologne.

Mike Dred – Fu-Chin-Ra [Machine Codes – CODE A] 

First one in this Codes series on Mike Dred’s own Machine Codes label from 1993. Three of the tracks are pretty straight forward hardcore but this emotional acid house groover from the top shelf is tucked away on the B2 and makes it worth tracking down. Good stuff!

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