Track By Track: Sex Judas Feat. Ricky – Go Down Judas


Here is a treat, an erotic delight in the form of an enticing new album on Optimo Music. Sex Judas has remained a mysterious anomaly, a cloaked figure with deep desires… However now he enters the public domain.

Tore Gjedrem, from Ost & Kjex, has just released an exotic LP titled "Go Down Judas". It's an exploration of sexuality and expression all imagined through the musical narrative of funk, soul, disco, punk, house and IDM. It's an intriguing concept, red cheeks galore. It was described to us as follows…

"The project was initially meant to provide a bit of sexual flavour into what Tore found to be a sometimes too polite and sterile dance underground. It has grown to discuss the subject of sin and look into the character Judas as the original sinner."

We invited him to guide us through the release below: 

01 – The Hedonist disappeared into normality

Beer bottle brown – Autumn – The streets 

Sex Judas is leaving town, lamenting the lost days of no worries, barely escaping destruction. Things have gotten out of hand lately.

The strings are done by Norwegian composer Ole Henrik Moe, a lovely man and a huge talent lending his genius to a wide range of Norwegian bands and producers. He records under the alias The Sheriffs Of Nothingness with his wife Kari.

02 – The Sorrows of Young Walter

Green grass / Muddy river – Midst’s of Summer – The Riverbank

The streets meet the library. I wanted to see how a synopsis of Goethe’s “The Sorrows of Young Werther” would play against a backdrop of funk.

03 – Sidiki's Jam 

Deep green – Summer – Mali

My friend and the bands percussionist and ngoni player Sidiki Camara laid down this jam in one take. Watching him play the ngoni can be almost a spiritual experience. The variations on the harp like instruments like the ngoni, akonting and the xalam sounds almost celestial. Sidiki builds all sorts of variations on the ngoni in his basement in Oslo, bringing goatskins from Mali.

04 – All Good Junkies

Blood Red – Spring – Garden of Gethsemane

Judas takes you back to where it all happened. In this version even offering his body to the good lord. Jesus (the gent) lays it out gently; Not all good junkies get a second chance Judas. Not all good junkies fly.

05 – Navigate The Sea of Shit 

Dark blue turning brown – Summer – The ocean

Trump, Putin, the destruction of truth, a new dawn of the phallus. Judas feels he is wading in shit and he’s navigating like crazy. Bass line and samples provided by Oslo legend Pål “Strangefruit” Nyhus, who’s influence on the open Norwegian sound is formidable.

06 – Candy Darling

Gold & silver glitter – Summer – NYC

A night out with Candy and the ladies at Max’s Kansas City. Pubic hair, sweat, sniffy sniff and high heels in your face. If house music had been on the market in the 70’s, I imagine it would have sounded something like this.

07 – Let The Power Go

Deep Green – Late autumn – Any capitol

Judas chant to all money and power hungry bastards. You need to let the power go!

08 – Snake Song

Apple red – Harvest season – Garden of Eden

Sex takes you back to the birth of it all, the original sin.

“I would eat a whole busload of those shiny red things if it were not for the snakes!” he shrugs and hums along to his swinging sinners blues. Piano by buddy Bugge Wesseltoft, you hear it in the rolls. 

09 – Moving Glaciers

Dirty white – Winter – Jotunheimen

Ever had the feeling that the world is falling to pieces? The sound of glaciers moving and the soundtrack to a breakdown. Judas hits rock bottom and you are invited.


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