Track By Track: Sad – Super Sounds Ii


There are few labels to emerge in recent years with as much grounding and strategy as Udacha. The Russian based record label has amassed a reputation for releasing the obscure, the beautiful and the downright odd. Their visual aesthetic is gorgeous and the music which accompanies it is arguably some of the most interesting, abstract experimentalism heard in recent years. 

SAD are a band to emerge from beneath the chaotic cultural landscape of Russia. They rebuild the old, relying heavily on sampled cassettes and transforming them into soundscapes from beyond this world. Their new release on Udacha is only the second piece of music which they have gifted to the world and it sits beautifully amidst the catalogue of other worldly music the label has become accustomed to releasing. 

We asked SAD to take us through the album,

Goodie Goodie

Season: Polar Winter


We have reached a certain freedom through listening to someone else's music. This led us to our taste and allowed the realisation of our ideas to become more radical. All this is related to the ability to work with audio fragments and bring them to an agreement at the end.

Our goal here — to be experimental and get on your nerves whilst trying to make serious art. Calming, relaxing, easy, transparent, gentle, peaceful, warm, soft and quiet.


It came from a hotel room in the middle of Pattaya. The best place to listen to it is under the water in the pool.

Osu A Meresu 

Season: Summer between two springs. 


We took inspiration from early kurvenschriber tracks. This is our bothers team. It does not have permanent staff members, the musicians lived in different cities and met only during rare concerts wich were not recorded. They played so-called kurventronic style songs. These compositions are close to sound files rather technoid properties and are usually fairly short, on average – a minute and a half.


When Vasily Stepanov ate some burgers cooked by his mum. It is better to listening near the swamp, into the thicket of wild rosemary.

Wo Tiri Nkwa 

Season: 1/54 of autumn.


Everyone has different kinds of experiences while high. 


Inspiration came from Andrey Mitenev's dusty art studio in the centre of Moscow, where raw rock and free jazz concerts happen. Play it on a very high volume in the basement by candlelight.

Friday Sad 

Season: XXX of spring.


Vlad got flu-like symptoms with fever, cough and dizziness.

Some onkyo music hits him over the head, they were Toshimaru Nakamura's tracks. The Tokyo-based improvisor is almost a bystander in his own music; he cultivates both physical and musical stillness, the better to ensure that he never makes a false gesture. Nakamura started out playing guitar, but in 1997 he put it aside and began playing the mixing board. He jacks the board's output into its input to create a feedback loop which, by judiciously twisting a knob here and there, he tweaks into sounds ranging from piercing high tones and shimmering whistles to galumphing, crackle-spattered bass patterns.


The idea came up during a fever. It is proposed to use this track at a social event, where the ladies in the neck and gentlemen tuxedoed.

Mmefie Adiro Mgbayalu Ama Di 

Season:Early spring with subtitles.


The Mighty Boosh was a huge influence on us.


We love cucumbers very much. The idea came in our greenhouse, while caring for vegetables.

This song is worth listening to in a traffic jam.


Season: Winter core.


Gloriously mellow highlife from St. Augustine on a languid groove decorated with sweetly muted trumpet, sax, sublime vocal harmonies and what sounds like a vibraphone. HERE.


This is our live performance recording in Ground gallery. It is performed for astronauts preparing to launch a rocket into space. 


Season: Quarter of the autumn and spring half.


At the heart of the amount of impressions and influences. 

Cheval Fou – La fin de la vie… Then — gamelan music of Java and Bali in Indonesia.

Sven Grünberg ‎– Milarepa… Towards the end of the 90s, he began turning his attention towards meditative music, creating electronic workouts partially inspired by his Buddhist faith. 


This one is an excerpt from our gig at Eto Ne Zdes creative space mentioned above. 
We use our secret tapes manipulation method under previously recorded instrumentals. 

Will you listen to it via your mushroom trip in the hollow of a large tree.

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