Track By Track: Remi Mazet – Safran


The beginning of the year is often an interesting and somewhat delicate time to explore new music, the world remains a little jaded from festivities which rallied before and there is a bewildering sense of purpose and action about the return to work. As a result some choose to duck beneath the surface, avoid the light if you will. For others, those which seek to prosper, it can be a moment of opportunity to pounce. 

Remi Mazet recently released a new record on Social Joy, the London based record label run by Guilhem Monin of which only he had previously featured upon. 

"Safran" is an intimate journey through the tropics into new and enlightening experiences in sound and pleasure. A subtle body of music with a forward thinking trajectory which blends club inspired elements alongside ethereal bliss. 

We invited him to take us through the piece of work track by track…


Brown, the soil under our feet where everything seems to begin.

Autumn, moody and mystic, when you have a lot of time for yourself, thinking, doing, introspection – as you’re stuck in because of the rain outside. 

I loved the pads and the vibe, tried to create drum patterns for it but ended up liking it better without any and it became an Intro. I then added  different voice samples from speeches and records I relate to. 

I think it is a nice and comfortable way to start a mix with. You can go any direction you want after it.


Green, the tall grass, the wind making it move in long and regular waves.

Last days of spring, the feel of summer before it gets too hot, while the grass stay green, the expectation of all the beautiful days out to come.

Inspiration came from a few albums that I love to listen to, chilling; I wanted the LP to have that print too.

Sorry for the cliché but on the beach drinking cocktails, 


Red, the very warm red sofas you would imagine in an old Parisien brothel.

It is very grey outside, autumn is starting, it still feels like summer sometimes and we begin to need to get indoors, somewhere warm and cosy.

I wrote the drums using a TR808 and wanted to try some horns on it. Guilhem (co- producer on the track and also label owner) had this recording of Leo… we worked together and came up with this song.

A gorgeous bar, somewhere chic.


It is brown and then yellow and orange towards the end. I feel as the track builds flashes of colours introduce themselves. 

It is summer but in the freshness of the wood.

I wanted to do something tribal, earthy and quirky with rhythms that sound like banging pans and doors but also end it all with a touch of magical and  spacey synth that add a new dimension to the thing.

The ideal setting for this track has to be a forest party.


It is a rainbow, it is such a cross over of genres that I see too many colours here, from funk to electro to dub house and hip hop, all those colours.

It is summer all over it.

This one was done with Guilhem again but years ago, we did not have anything in mind and I guess this is why it is such a cross over of musical genre.

It is a good party tune, it has never let me down when I play it so I’d say any dance floor.


Orange sunset, warm with the expectation of a nice night to come.

Sweet Summer

This is song is a hug or a cuddle to me. I did not expect anything when I made it, I remember being by myself in the studio I was just jamming without any care and then I kept listening to what came up and made me feel really good. I was not sure anyone would be interested in it but Guilhem loved it and wanted it on the LP.  It is a very personal song.


The sunset is turning pink now, it is the last sunlight of the day

That song relate to a season that went from 1993 and never ended. The first time i took the money I collected from birthday, Christmas and the tooth fairy to buy myself some records I went for that sound, 90’s hip hop, I have listen to that exclusively for years it was really interesting and French were excellent too at finding unique beats, I then get into the origin of those beat, soul and funk and also got into the brothers and sisters of hip hop : house and techno. 

The inspiration behind this one is soul full 90’s hip hop instrumentals. 

Cruising in my car slowly back from the “Petit Travers” (Montpellier seaside) after a sunbathing session on the beach.


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