Track By Track: Anthony Parasole – Infrared Vision


There is often debate as to the relevance and justification of a full length "techno" lp. Many have tried and failed whilst others have veered left of centre seperating their stereotypical club focussed sound from that which features on an album. One man who recenty delivered his first full length album is Anthony Parasole, in April he released "Infrared Vision" on Dekmantel. Across ten tracks he meanders through an array of influences and machine led hypnotism. We caught up with him as he guides us through the album track by track…


Season: Winter

Inspiration: I wanted to draw upon inspiration from Hip Hop so I looked towards old Neptunes and Timbaland for musical inspiration like "Grinding" or "Dirt Off My Shoulders" but in a techno format.

Setting: Listening to music in my headphones i came up for it and wanted it to also be listened to on headphones 

I wanted to write a halfstep style track with an interesting soundscape in the synths and atmosphere to open/ set the tone for the album.


Season: Fall 

Inspiration: I wanted to transition from "Cold Steel" to a slow tempo track whilst keeping a sonic voice from those two tracks. They booth share the kick, snare and a few other sounds whilst then using a piano sample to move the track forwards. Playing and tapping the sounds also gave the instruments a live swing. 

Setting: In my studio listening to some jazz, gaining concepts and influences for how I wanted to approach this track.


Season: Summer

Inspiration: My inspiration here was to find a similarity between my prior music to appeal to people who like what I do whilst offering a fresh take to my techno. All the while playing the synths and percussion to provide a musical live take instead of a mechanical approach

Setting: In the club djing i felt i wanted to write a track that can translate booth to the headphones but be played out loud in the club 

I wanted this track to move freely and quickly from transitions of drums to synths whilst being played loosely. I think I achieved that and this track in particular gets rooms moving in a forward direction whilst getting a response on the dance floor.


Season: Summer

Inspiration: This track was a transitioning rhythm track bridging from "Murky Waters" through to "Infrared Vision"

Setting: In my studio listening and thinking of ways to share ideas via one single track. 

I wanted to keep a similarity between a few tracks like "Spell On Me" or "Zenith" but drive rhythmically forward like "Explode" or "Infrared Vision". On this track I kept the momentum moving forwards while sharing percs, drums and synths but modulating and changing without breaking the rhythmic flow. At least that was the concept. 


Season: Fall

Inspiration: I wanted to give my take on a space futurist techno track. 

Setting: On an aeroplane 30,000 feet in the air. I wanted this to be heard in a club or on your couch played on your speakers.

I wanted to make a driving techno track whilst keeping my own signature sound and being sparse and glacial to open the track up


Season: Spring Night

Inspiration: I featured "Bizarre Part 1" on a prior single and wanted to give a new take to the track.

Setting: Came up with the idea in my studio whilst conceptualising my album. I wanted the track to be heard on Headphones or home speakers.

I wanted to do a dub beatless version of a prior track I'd written so I gave it new lead synths whilst adding more effects and reintroducing the old piano lead for the original. I really like the outcome of this version, I think it's dark but keeps the sonic palette of prior tracks.


Season: Hot Spring day

Inspiration: I wanted to add some tribal elements to my album, which I have done on prior singles in the past. This was just that but kickless and whilst adding synth texture and atmosphere moving above the tribal rhythm.

Setting: This was meant to be heard on your headphones or home speakers and was sketched in my studio to ideally to provide texture. 


Season: Hot sweaty summer night

Inspiration: I wanted to write a heavy track while sharing similar tribal ideas I've used but through a new approach. 

Setting: Sketched this conceptually in my apartment and to be listened to in a club, loud!

I wanted to keep similar percussion to previously but moving the kick in a harder heavier ebm approach. I also wanted to play with the vocal, adding a stutter to create more movement. I had many challenges here to get to the final version but i'm very happy with how it sounds out big in a club.


Season: Summer night

Inspiration: I wanted to write a synth track and wanted to use a new approach. So I gave myself a new challenge in "Zenith".

Setting: This was conceptualized in a airplane gazing out the window and wanted to be heard in your headphones or speakers in your living room

I wanted to give myself a new challenge and write a synth track moving loosely throughout whilst creating atmosphere and synth texture. All the while building tension to a peak which is then released with the lead synth. This is one of my favourites on my album.


Season: Spring day

Inspiration: A track which I wrote in the past "Point God" was the inspiration.

Setting: Loud on your speakers or in a club!

"So Alive" is a peak time mover. I wanted to keep this track moving in a fast forward motion whilst letting the synths drive the track. This was written as a song with a "verse, chorus, bridge-verse" idea to keep it moving and transitioning, the outcome is that it would become a banger when played in a club.

I hope you enjoyed my album as much as I did writing it. Thanks for taking this journey with me in words.

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