Thunder Picks #025 Haircut Soundtrack


This weeks Thunder Picks, is brought to you Victoria Saunders aka the Hair Mistress at the Drama Parlour Salon in Soho. You may ask Why? but Ms Drama (as she is aptly known) doesnt just cut the hair of half the DJs in London,  shes regular on the dancefloor at Thunder and has been known to give our esteemed editor a trim too, She consistently has great music playing too, so over to the Drama!


Look what a joke about a wet perm gets you a chance to air my favourite music to cut hair to.


The odds were stacked against me when I was asked to do this, not just being blonde and a hairdresser, but having to contend with the sheer AMOUNT of music that I could choose from – so many tunes important to me for many reasons but feel I really know whats good to work to after being in the business for more than 20 years.


I have put together some of the tunes that go down very well in my salon. After years of being subjected to other peoples musical, for the sake of politeness, tastes, now not only can I choose the music but have people onboard the team that get me and my music, so they can also enhance the atmosphere in the salon.


Nothing is more frustrating than crap music to work to – its VERY distracting. The last thing anyone wants is a distracted, pissed off hairdresser


Denice Williams  – Free


So first on the list is an ease yourself into the day ahead track. Nothing too banging early doors please!



Claudja Barry  For The Sake Of Love 


This one is a particular fav with the staff and never fails the make us happy, especially when Sarah attempts humming it to us



Paul Simon 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover


So there is a bit of a disco theme running through these records choices but we do like anything as long as it a TUNE and nothing beats a bit of a sing-along. Who doesnt know the words to this?



Larry Heard You Rock Me


This next one needs no introduction other than to say its sexy as fuck.



Babe Ruth The Mexican


This next song always remind me of Fee Jones aka Mrs Jones who is most famous for creating that white cat-suit for Kylie. Her clothes are show stopping: She invited me to set up in her studio in Clerkenwell and she is the reason the Drama Parlour started. I am eternally grateful to her for encouraging me. We had the most bonkers parties, even managing to get a Funktion 1 sound system up 5 flights of stairs. She inspires me, impresses me and most of all make me laugh out loud. I do miss working with her.




Andy Gibb Shadow Dancing




Which brings me neatly to my next tune, again reminds me of mine and Mrs Jones shop on Hackney Rd, where Neil Macey had a shop. He had his vinyl distribution out the back called Used not Abused. 30,000 records in our shop, almost ENDLESS music at our disposal but this tune was the one that we always played, especially when cleaning up the aftermath of our parties.



Crazy P Never Gonna Reach Me


As the day progresses the music tempo has to go up a bit, so who better to call on than Crazy P? Danielle Crazy P is a good friend and one of the sexiest front women out there. And, I have to confess, I once bust a line from this song on some poor bloke, who really wasnt taking the hint



Flame Bell X1 (Chicken Lips Remix)


This tune was introduced to me by Ladybugz DJ Katie Barber – client, confident and bringer of good music. Never fails to get the volume turned up for this one.



Alice Smith – Love Endeavour (Maurice Fulton remix)


The next tune is a MASSIVE favourite with us. I asked Robert Outch (Loverfever DJ, constant source of good records and silliness) what this after we heard it during a long and hazy night out – and amazingly, delivered the goods. True friend!



Ann Margret Everybody Needs Somebody Sometimes


This is a firm fav with me. If I was going to make a song and sing, this would be it. Never out of my playlists, a girly tune if there ever was one, because everybody does need somebody sometimes.



Ashford and Simpson – Found a Cure


Last by no means least is this Ashford and Simpson belter Found A Cure. I had to squeeze this on the end as this is the one that helps us find our last legs after a long day of public service. Heart lifting goodness.



Well that was pretty hard to whittle it down, I could have done a top 100 but even then it would change every 5 minutes, so had to go with my gut instinct and not thing about it too much! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do and thank you Mr Simpson for noting good music whilst having his hair cut.

Ms Drama can be found at the Drama Parlour filling your ears with all these records and more and your hair into something that makes you a hell of a lot better than you should normally look. Well I should anyway. (ed)

Thunder's Christmas party happens tonight at the Waiting Room. If you're not already on the list it's probably unlikely you'll get in but you could give it a go. Check the amazing Thunder Group for more details.