Sound of Thunder #56 – House Of Astounding Beauty


Lots of wonderful new music around at the moment, so this edition of Thunder Picks really does just scratch the surface. There are a couple of records I’ve written about before that are worth another mention too. First up, the genius that is the new Linkwood album is finally in the shops, so don’t hang around if you want a copy. And Paranoid London’s monster album is back on the shelves again too.  There’s a record a haven’t reviewed too, that’s worth a mention, the absolutely wonderful DJ Sprinkles and Mark Fell EP on Comantose (with Tony Benn, no less, on vocals), but as ever, Terre has made sure you can’t stream it online so I can’t link to it. You should buy it though.  And party wise, you can catch me, Jake Manders and some bloke called MAURICE FULTON playing at Big Wave out in Hackney Wick next Friday, 7th March.  There are still a few tickets left and if you can grab one >>here<< if you fancy it.

David Garret – A New Room (Gramaphone)

I hadn’t really heard of Garrett David until this record but it would seem that he’s a pretty house kinda guy. Not only is he, like Black Madonna, resident DJ at Chicago’s now legendary Smart Bar, but he works behind the jump at even more legendary Chicago record store,  Gramaphone Records. He is even the shop's house music buyer. Damn! I bet if you cut this guy he bleeds Ron Hardy! Gramaphone’s fledgling house imprint has put out this EP of modern Chicago house music that presses all the right buttons. Chez Damier gets name check on the label and if you like the output of his Balance label, you’ll like this.

Nummer – To The D (Nummer Music)

Nummer are London based French duo Silvère Letellier and Emmanuel Corre, the latter of which you might know if you shop in Dalston’s Kristina Records, where he works. The boys announced their arrival with the Reach RP on Going Good last year but they’ve ratcheted things up a notch with this super limited, single sided, 10 min plus dub techno minimal (not minimal) master piece. Think STL at his best and it might give you inkling. And what does the ‘D’ stand for? Well the insert name checks the great and the good from Detroit, so there’s a clue. The duo were recently highlighted by FACT as one of the 10 house and techno production outfits in 2015, an accolade they richly deserve for getting off their arses and making their mark in such impressive fashion, so watch this space.

Micronism – Steps to Recovery (Delsin)

Micronism is Denver McCarthy, who with all due respect, is a fairly obscure techno producer from New Zealand, and this record was originally released on the equally obscure Nurture Records back in 1999. Thankfully someone a Dutch power house, Delsin, has dug it out and revived it because this is a record that deserves a wider audience. It is, quite frankly, astounding. Engaging Causeless Mercy is staggering beautiful and if have even a passing interest in techno, I am sure it will leave you open jawed in awe. Constructing Space is almost as good too, maybe as good in fact, maybe even better, but different. Essentially everyone I know should buy this record and hopefully we’ll hear more Denver McCarthy.

FD – Two Timer – No Aass He Losing Edit (Yore)

Yore is nailing it at the moment and this is slightly different what one usually expects from the label. Low slug, low tempo, sex music. I’m not sure what the vocal sample is but boy does it works, kind of like XXX Channel is style but with added Ooooo and Ahhhhh. This record comes with a money back guarantee that if doesn’t melt ALL the underwear in the room when you play it.


Pearl River Sound – Remember Every Moment (Meda Fury)

When Nick Williams, Meda Fury head honcho, and Phonica counter jockey, sent me the first release on his label to check out at the end of 2013, I reviewed because not only was decent and I hoped he’d sort me out a bit of discount. Over a year on, I’m still reviewing every release and it has nothing to do with that elusive discount, it’s because Meda Fury has established itself as one of the best modern house labels around. Whist each release is varied in style, the quality control never seems to let up. Pearl River Sound is no exception and is strong even by the label’s high standard. Brooding, moody, dark house music to theme track a post-industrial dystopian future.

Forthcoming: Kez YM – Moving Visions EP (Yore)

Yore is at again, but this one isn’t available until sometime in March. From Japanese producer and Yore mainstay, Kazuki Wamaguchi, it’s worth waiting for though. 4 tracks of finely produced house in the style one might associate with Prescription, all are solid but the B-Side with Extend Sunset and Weekend is exceptional. It’s a record where my favourite track is probably going to change from week to week, and this is one I can’t see leaving the record box for a long, long time.


Album of the Week: Joel Alter – Heart (Uncanny Valley)

As regular readers know, we love a Swedish producer over here in Thunder Towers. And Joel Alter’s driving, hard edged house come techno, really hits the button, with tracks like Sweatbox and Soul Clap being particular favourites. But whilst these tracks work individually and bunch of them together might be, well, a bit much. So when I saw Joel had a whole album out on Dresden’s Uncanny Valley, I can’t say I was particularly looking forward to wading through it. My preconceptions couldn’t really have been more wide of the mark, this is collection of hugely varied none of which sound anything like the music I associated with Joel to date. From the ethereal meandering of Broken Chord to the piano led pop-dance of Everlasting to the bouncing disco of You Got It (think Slick meets T-Connection) to the floaty jazz tinged dub house of Out of Bounds to the Balearic house of Unsung Heroes to the abstract electronics of Measures of Love, every track changes things up and every track is excellent. A fully formed album in the truest sense.

Repress of the Week: Pender Street Steppers – Bubble World (Moodhut)

Moodhut is one of the hottest labels around and much as there a load of fuss made about the Jack J release, for me, this is the best release on the label to date. It disappeared from the shop in a second upon its release, but thankfully the label has made it available again. Have a listen and see what all the fuss is about.

From the vaults: Andres – New For U (La Vida)

We’re getting into Andres mode down at Thunder towers, as we have the big man over to play at Thunder in April. Andres has a ridiculously deep discography to choose from but I thought I’d be obvious and dig out his biggest track to date! It was judged to the Number 1 record of 2012 by Resident Advisor and when Andres played his now legendary in-store at Kristina, it blew the place apart. It’s a bona fide house classic. And the good news is Andres finally has the third release on La Vida coming out in a few weeks’ time, so keep them peeled. Tickets for Thunder with Andres, on Friday 17th April, are available >>here<< and already selling fast.

Mix of the Week: Will Webster – Lil Man

On a fairly regular basis, lots of people comment of how lovely Thunder’s artwork is. The man behind all that is out ‘art director’ Will Webster, a huge lumbering hulk with a heart of gold… Will (and his lovely, long suffering partner Connie) have recently became parents and Will has used the time he has at home now experiencing the joys of childcare, to knock out this mix. Annoyingly, not only is he a cracking graphic designer, but he’s dead good DJ with great taste in music. You might even get to hear him play at Thunder sometime, when he’s allowed back out again!