Thunder Picks #52 – On The road again


Hi, it’s the littlest Hobo checking in for an irregular edition on Thunder Picks and a look at some of the best music of the last couple of weeks. Now back to the road…

Jorge Velez – Aventuras EP (Crème)

It’s that fella who was responsible for the wicked MMT Tape Series and who did some stuff on L.I.E.S. Skip to 5 mins 45 secs as the last two tracks are what do it.

Portable – Sportable (Perlon)

A new record from Alan Abrahams is always something of an occasion, because aprat from being a gifted producer he also has one of the most unique voices in house music. 3 full tracks on this with ‘Continue’ being the one to check first.

Smacks – Purdie (Magic Jams)

Simply one of the tunes of the summer. I slept on this, you shouldn’t do the same.

Terekke – Untitled (LIES Black)

When this record came out a few weeks ago every seemed to go bonkers and it sold out in about 8 seconds. You can kind of see why, Terekke has something special, it is encapsulated in these fouyr tacks of weird, spaced out, dubby house and electronica.

Mind Fair – c.e.r.e.m.o.n.y. remix (Gold Channel)

Already a brilliant record then Gerry Rooney & Joel Martin pile in with their Velvet Season and Hearts of Gold remix, which turn 'brilliant' into 'classic'.


Endless New York – Scale the Heights (Golf Channel)

When I heard this record, I have to say it blew me away and had me logging off of my laptop and heading straight up to my local record to buy a copy. It makes me feel like a 15 year old excited about hearing strange new music for the first time. Absolutely brilliant.

Forthcoming: Andy Vaz – It’s Ok (Yore Records)

Loving this new four tracker from unsung hero of German house music, Andy Vaz. The first track ‘Love You Forever’ is the sort of Victor Simonelli-esque vocal house King Street might have put 20 years ago but with its crips, modern production values, it still manages to sound ‘now.’ I think the vocals are appropriated from somewhere else and it’s kind of driving me crazy, so if you know answers on a postcard to the usual address please. I think my favourite tack on the record is ‘Worst Fantasies’ with a slower tempo, bubbling acid b-line and almost rap vocal – and as we all know, I love a good rap (Ed: Miles's MCing was an Unknown Festival low point…). The EP closes with the deep and techy ‘U Did Me Wrong’ is great too. Out early next month.


Forthcoming: Yuri Shulgin – Acid Vertigo (Modernista)

At the last Thunder we were treated to a fabulous warm up set from Modernista label boss Dan Harrington. The man clearly has a good ear, as is borne out by the label’s last release by Paul Bennett, which is currently in the >>shops<<  and the equally brilliant forthcoming release from labels’ latest artist,Yuri Shulgin – three tracks of acid brilliance.

Repress of the Week: Sly Mongoose – Snakes and Ladders (Mule)

That piano! Guaranteed tops off.

That Disco Thing: Vera – Take Me To The Bridge (Rio Records)

Saint classic, "I'm your New York City woman, You're my New York City man…", such a beautiful record. Something else that is beautiful is the outpouring of love in the Youtube comments section when Patricia Masi, the voice behind Vera, comments on the video. A song that clearly made a mark on a lot of young men, gives me goose bumps at my desk, so I can only begin to imagine what it must have been like to hear it at 6am on the balcony at The Saint.

Mix of the Week: Mark E Thundercast #09

Cracking new podcast from Mark, building up from Balearic bumpers to jacking badness.

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Miles "Thunder" Simpson