thunder picks #033


The boys over at Faith Fanzine once sloganized House, House and More Fucking House and in doing so, launch a thousand t-shirts. That was back in the mid noughties now but it still feels pretty apt in 2014, because wandering into record shops can be an expensive business, the challenge being what records to leave rather than what ones to buy. So, this is what Ive been spunking or am about to spunk the rent money on, and if the year carries on like this, Ill be fiddling the gas meter again to pay for DJ Haus records 




The Central Executives A Walk In The Dark (Golf Channel)


I think The Central Executives are from Birmingham or something but this double album has the blood of New York pumping through its veins. I asked label boss, Phil South about the record and given this is the artists first release,  why it wasnt preceded by any singles. Phil told me, I got sent it as a finished LP and I didn't want to sully the experience with any cheap singles – of which the LP has loads. It was just so fresh to hear this big chunk of music as a whole, having different songs grow on me with progressive listens, I wanted the same experience for the record buyer. Oh and the cover shot was pretty killer. Hes right on every count too and I think High Roads is probably the single best track Ive heard this year, teasing the best out of Clover Rays vocal, with street smart production that Larry Levan would have been proud of himself. There arent many clips online but check this track. 


Jay Daniel Karmatic Equations (Wild Oats)


So this is young Mr Daniels first musical offering since his ill-advised internet rant about not being part of your dream. Hes definitely a cocky young thing and you know, sometimes thats not such a bad thing, especially if the cocky young thing in question has the talent to back to back up the chat. Does this release justify his self-belief and the all the accompanying hype? Or is it just fairly solid but unremarkable? Id say Exit #1 sounds like Jays developing a bit of a signature sound but the rest of it? Ill leave you to decide. 



Vernon Felicity Non-Harmonic (Clone Store Only)


Clones infrequent but quite original store only series is back with a fifth release in 4 years, this time by  Vernon Felicity, the same artist that provided one of the previous highlights Autumn Leaves. The concept is very simple, the records arent limited or anything like that, but they are not allowed to be sold online. I guess that doesnt stop the Disogers getting in on the act but if you ask your local shop, theyll order you a copy at normal retail price. This one comes on pink marbled vinyl and provides 4 lovely techy numbers, including Static Character which has that slightly old school rave feel that seems to be popular with the likes of r-Zone and Dj Haus. And whilst were on the subject of DJ Haus



DJ Haus Space jams Vol 1 (Unknown to the Unknown)


Is DJ Haus really from Greenland? Soundcloud says he is, which would be pretty cool but I suspect not true as Im sure hes from Peckham or something really. This is one of two now Unknown to the Unknown (Haus own label) releases out right now, the other being by Willy Burns. This one does it though, striking the rave nostalgia and modern house balance just right, especially How Know Wait A Minute which hes generously made available to download too.



Juju and Jordash Waldorf Salad (Dekmatel)


Im not going to write much about this, click on the link and read the press blurb, apparently its Stirring and instantly infectious and then the plodding synths make for an intriguing final chapter of this track. Right. What I would say is J&J can disappear way out in the leftfield at times but this is a straight up club banger, as is 'Third Planet From Altair'  on the flip, which makes this one of my favourite releases  by the duo to date (and that is actually saying something, cos their records are always good). Nice sleeve too.




Garage Shelter – Garage Shelter Vol 1 (Wax Classic)


Seemingly taking its name from an old Jovonn track, Garage Shelter is a 6 tracker on Skylax spin-off label, Wax Classic. It kind of comes on a bit like DJ Nature meets mid 90s Moodymann meets MCDE, which might sound a bit hackneyed but it really isnt. Properly funky house music (not funky house).




Chez Damier Classics (Mojuba)


Record labels around the world are continuing with their plan to support the next Thunder party by releasing a Chez Damier record every other day. This time Mojuba are in on the act with an EP of classics that draws heavily on the Classic EP, which was also repressed recently (possibly without Chezs permission). This version is 100% authorised by Chez and contains an Oracy edit of Forever Monna, the beautiful and poignant A Dedication To Joss, a version of Dont Try It (which was recently released on KMS too) and The Feeling from The Grand Lodge of Luxor EP on Prescription. All remastered in in a nice picture sleeve, so if you dont own the tracks already, get involved. Oh and you can catch Chez at Thunder on 21 March.



Grab yourself a slice of Chez Damier here.


And finally Thunder T-Shirts


This is And Finally because after 2 years of talking about it, weve finally got the Thunder Gherkin t-shirts printed. They come in blue print on pale pink tees, gold on white and black on white. Full details next week!


Miles 'Thunderours' Simpson