Thunder Picks #028

Week 2: The new editor is remorseless, he seems to be aware of our every move, demanding the undeliverable. Hes unflinching. Has he no mercy? No heart? Or is he just trying to break us?
His cold, dead eyes give the game away but it wont work, well stay strong. I file my copy on time, maybe even early, and that will distract him while we redouble our efforts on the tunnel. We have to escape this tyranny, WE HAVE TO! But lord knows what horrors await us if he gets wind of our plans. Nothing can be worse than this though.can it? (We've just moved the copy deadline to Monday, so, yes -ED)
Heeeeeeeres Thunder picks!
Moodymann Moodymann LP (KDJ)
People reaction to this release has been a rum old do, with some hyping it up big time and others rushing to pour scorn on it, all before anyone had heard anything other than a few a sound-clips online. It turns out that its actually pretty damn good and it is not just a collection of house tracks on one record but a fully formed album, replete with differing textures, moods and musical styles, and as such, that can be enjoyed from very beginning to the very end. There are some classic KDJ cuts on there too, with No and Sunday Hotel jumping out as future house classics. But my personal favourite is probably the Outkast-
esque, Dez Andres produced, Lyk U Used 2, which is pure dance floor pop. If that wasnt enough, the internet is abound with stories of people finding free copies of previous, often rare, KDJ releases being included for free in some sealed copies of the record. That doesnt sound moody at all but if you want to be part of this deep house philanthropic experience too, then you'd better move quick, its sold out super quick in most places. Apparently Phonica are getting a few more later this week.
Basement Floor 02 (Basement Floor)
Only the second release on this label, which describes itself as half Korean, half African, half American, East Coast based record label, NJ born, NY bred, Don't sleep. That makes me want to like it before Ive even started to listen to the music! But the music is very cool too, with 4 tracks including an uncompromising effort from Tim Shumacher and the driving Future Primitive by Chupacabras, contrasting starkly with the shimmer of the Dayton sampling Night Shift from Sons of Sound. This is serious house music for serious house music fans.
Ralph Lawson Lost In Time EP (Lost In Time Records)
The big selling point of the first release on this new label, is Ralph and Chez Damier reviving their transatlantic production partnership more than two decades after it bore the wonderful musical fruit of the Chuggles project (which gets a mention in the dead wax of the run-out grooves btw). The Moment is classic stuff too, with a nod to 90s New York, where the roots of this partnership were laid down, but no more than a nod as this is thoroughly modern house music. The title track, a production from Ralph and Carl Finlow, is also decent but the stand out on the EP may well be the deep, acidic bubbling beauty of Attraction, which sees Ralph team up with Italian producer, Giuseppe Tuccillo.
Noleian Russe Second Language EP (Black Tekno)
I wasnt really aware of Noleian until Jason Spinks pulled me this records from the Kristina sale rack a week or so ago. It kicks off as a pretty deep, low-slung number before the choppy, rough edged techno kicks in, with the pure energy of Fete, my favourite track on the EP. The whole thing has a raw, lo-fi feel, which shouldnt be a surprise once you know that Noleian is also one half of Africans With Mainframes alongside the High Preist of House-Music-That-Sounds-Like-It-Was-Recorded-On-Sock-With-Volume-Turned-Up-To-13, Jamal Moss. Black Tekno indeed.
Forthcoming: Ondo Fudd Coup dEtat EP (The Trilogy Tapes)
I dont always get on with The Trilogy Tapes releases. Of course, it has had its moments, most notably with Anthony Naples sublime El Portal, but generally I find a lot of TTT releases, too noisy, too abrasive, too undanceable and generally, trying to be too clever by half. This one is pretty good though, especially the atmospheric title track, which doesnt sound hackneyed in anyway but retains that vital element of dance floor funk. Cheers Will x
From the Vaults – Anja Schneider & Sebo K-Rancho Relaxo (Mobilee Records)
I mentioned this record in last weeks picks, because Im pretty sure Hectors sampled or appropriated a bit of it for one of his tracks. Anyway, thats just an excuse to post this really. I wasnt the worlds biggest minimal fan but like all genres of music, it chucked up a few gems. And this is one of them, possibly the best minimal house era record on the best minimal house label? Check the video that accompanies it though look at all those people taking picture of the sunset (and each other) at 1:15. Is that the beach outside Caf del Mar? I think it is. Jesus Christ.
Clink St Video
Who went to RIP at Clink Street then? I didnt but boy do I wish I did. Ive heard all the stories, how it was a rawer, rougher, more street version of what was also going on at Shoom without any of the London fashion crowd pretence. And that stories about Bring Down the Walls being played and the crowd literally clawing away at the brick work to dig a hole through the wall to the next room. It all sounds pretty intense and if this video is anything to go by, it was. Its incredibly well filmed and produced, given when it was made and the state most people were in. Hit play and lose yourself for 18 minutes this is the nearest thing London has to that Paradise Garage video.
Right and on that note, Im going to bed.