Space Is The Place: An ode to Funkadelic with FIT Siegel


When we think of space, there is an endless list of musicians in which we can pair cosmic similarities. Many an artist has attempted to channel the cosmos and the stars through their own music, some have success whilst others fall flat. 

We often take inspiration from what lies beyond this planet, what else is out there in the deep dense blackness of the outer reaches? 

In this series we invite musicians and disc jockeys to pair the theme of space with music that they feel best reflects the concept. Some draw for particular tracks whilst others feel it apt to focus on the musicality of one artist in detail. In this case Aaron FIT Siegel has opted to explore the musicology of Funkadelic. 

As the founder of FIT Sound and an innovative producer in his own right, Aaron has released an assortment of music via his label which has become a staple of the underground house and electronic music community. The music is treasured and the imprint has acted as an outlet for the likes of Marcellus Pittman, Kassem Mosse, DJ Sotofett, Mgun, Anthony Shake Shakir and many more. 

Below, Aaron picks some of his favourite tracks from the most unfuckwithable Funkadelic. 

"Lately I have been finding strength in the sound of Funkadelic. I know right now a lot of people are being inundated with livestreams, mixes, and new music on the internet, but if you have time – take a seat and put these songs on or better yet just listen to one of the albums they are from.”

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