Say Hello To Our New Guest Editor… It’s Young Marco!


Your favourite DJ's cool best friend's favourite DJ
On his head he sometimes likes to wear a bandana
Unafraid to be different
Never seen without a cigarette in his hand
Gaussian Curve is the name of his ambient band
Massive plug, apologies – he's playing all night long at our Autumn St Studios party next Saturday!
Resides in Amsterdam
Christmas is his favourite time of the year
Ok right whose idea was it to write an acrostic poem?

Have you guessed who it is yet? (Yes, ignoring the fact that there's a picture of him up there and his name is in the title of the article…)

That's right! It's Young Marco!

All through next week, the supreme selector will be taking charge of the Ransom Note website. That means five whole days of extra special features! To be honest we don't quite know what we've let ourselves in for, but you can be sure to expect some of his famous friends to tag along for the ride.

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