R$N Rolling: PVSSY and Entrañas select

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Written by Annie Parker

When Ecuadorian collaborators PVSSY and Entrañas put their heads together, they make an unstoppable force.

The duo are no stranger to working together. Their most recent release – a 5-tracker on Colombian imprint TraTraTrax – marked their fifth collaboration and saw their militant take on perreo remixed by South African Hakuna Kulala associate, Menzi, and Uruguayan NAAFI affiliate, Lechuga Zafiro.

‘Fervor’ EP is a whiplash tour around dembow’s darkest corners. At times, this sounds like razor-sharp whiplash effects and deranged vocal chops (Manía). At others, like doomy synth swells and bass throbs (Delirio).


This cinematic, industrial sound palette will be familiar to PVSSY and Entranas’ loyal followers, with their productions having become synonymous with the new and exciting wave of ‘post-reggaeton’ which combines elements of reggaeton with those of – to name a few – drone, UK Bass, techno and jungle.

We asked PVSSY and Entranas to compile a playlist of the sounds which have inspired them over the course of their musical careers, including the music they grew up listening to and that which they feel represents their homeland. Read below as they outline a few of their choices and subscribe to the playlist to hear it in full and keep up to date with the next selector to take it over. Check out the playlist here.


PVSSY picks:

Arca – Fiera

This is one of the many songs that I would like to hear on a sound system and immerse myself in the world of Arca, with its chaotic, aggressive and radically visionary sound accompanied by its visual and technological art.

Marilyn Manson – Tourniquet

Without a doubt, this represents the stuff I listened to when I was a child. The transgressive, grotesque and poetic of his songs gave me life in my darkest times, I like this song in particular because it’s the most creative, deep lyric and visually intense for me.


Tomas Urquieta – Oblivion

Tomas Urquieta is an artist I’m very excited about at the moment. I love how you get a sense of nostalgia in his melodies and his crazy and explosive loops that leave me wandering in his music and wanting to never stop.


Ivy Queen – Yo Quiero Bailar

This song was was always played at parties growing up, I think I also appreciated hearing reggaeton made by women, making this one of my favourites.


 IC3PEAK – Bound

I was blown away the first time I heard one of IC3PEAK’s songs, all their perfectly orchestrated noisy melodies with very minimalist drums and high pitched screams gave me everything I wanted. They have inspired my music significantly.


Entrañas picks:

Renslink – Sister Above

I would love to hear this played in a huge system, because of its beautiful ambient textures that go along that hypnotic 6/8 rhythm. I think that this track can work inside and outside of the club, it’s like having a nice brain massage.


Carlota Jaramillo – Esta Pena Mía

I grew up listening to a lot of heavy music like metal and experimental rock, but thanks to my grandparents, in my house you would always hear pasillos, this is my favorite one, I love it till this day. Carlota’s beautiful voice is incomparable, and also those lyrics break my heart each time I hear them.


Chrisman – Mlinzi

I’m really excited by Chrisman at the moment. His latest album “Ku Mwezi” its really innovative and unique, it’s perfect music for the club with trademark gqom syncopation being taken to the next level with amazing beat repetitions and dark textures. He recently released a track on the next Nervous Horizon compilation, one of my favorites labels ever. I couldn’t be more excited about this.


Alexis & Fido – 5 letras

I think I listened to reggaeton for the first time when i was 14-15 years old and started going to school parties. This song always was always played. The chorus is so catchy and also the beat its so gangster haha. I love it.


El irreal Veintiuno – Noctámbulo

I love ambient and drone music, and also latinx rhythms and club music, that’s kind of the combination I strive for in my own music. For me, the producer that combines them best is El irreal Veintiuno. In this track you can clearly hear this amalgamation of his signature drone sound design and beautiful melodies with tribal rhythm created so perfectly for the club.