Political Protest with Adiel


Since starting her own Danza Tribale label in 2016, Rome-based DJ and producer Adiel has maneuvered through the obscure dynamics of techno, releasing music that dances on the fringes of the genre. 

Primarily acting as a platform for her own productions, which has seen four of her own solo efforts, Danza Tribale has also welcomed the stylings of fellow Roman DJ Red, as well as collaborative releases from Adiel alongside Northern Electronics head Anthony Linell and Spazio Disponibile boss Donato Dozzy. 

On top of her production movements, Adiel is also known for her skills behind the decks, predominantly as a long standing resident at the famed Goa Ultrabeat parties in the Italian capital, but has also taken her to clubs around the world like Panorama Bar, De School, Concrete and DC10.

Ahead of her debut release, If Not Now When?, on Stroboscopic Artefacts she traces some of the tracks that inspire the idea of music as a weapon…

"Music as a Weapon. It was not so long time ago in history of modern music, when influence of musicians on society was tectonic. When artist's statement or position could impact the political situation in a country or sometimes even worldwide because of their influence on audiences' minds. When artists's names would be an inspiration and a symbol of fight for freedom, to honestly express their subjective views, no matter how harsh or extremely reactive the form of expression could be, was more valuable than any possible concerns or fear to hurt anyone's feelings. When hurting feelings would mean that provocation reached it's goal. When idea of speaking out their subjective truth was the highest value for artists as one of the true meanings of art. These tracks all represent to myself the idea of "Music as a Weapon"."

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Brian Eno "The Big Ship"

A time when music is not safe.

  • Brian Eno "The Big Ship"

    A time when music is not safe.

  • Muslimgauze - Hamas Arc

    Definitely one of those artists whose honestly was neither safe not correctly comfortable, but still endlessly inspiring.

  • Mala - Stand Against War

    ‘Stand Against War’ causes the listener to practically loose their breath.

  • Prurient - Through The Window

    “A masterful consolidation of freedom, noise emotion and dance floor gratification.

  • T++ - Voices No Bodies

    Possessing a unique tonal language, and with it’s curious almost occult power, his most expressive statement of voices’ freedom.