Palms Trax Presents Jay’s Cheese Of The Day – Day 3: Nuns Of Caen


Jay used to work in a local cheese shop before he became RA Top 100 DJ Palms Trax. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he's something of an expert/addict, and now finds himself over halfway through his week of cheese as part of Young Marco's site takeover. Given the success of yesterday's selection, Jay has decided to continue the nun theme… and it's over to you sir…

"Sticking with the nun theme for a hot minute, today's selection is an award winner from Gloucestershire that’s so more-ish my old boss willingly contracted gout for a second time because she just couldn’t give it up. Cheesier than a Young Marco festival encore, it’s made with ewes' milk and was brought to these shores by travellers from Normandy in the 13th century. Liz Truss is said to be undecided on whether this will make the cut come D-Day… Known for its herbal aftertaste, I once offered an elderly lady a slice in the shop to which she exclaimed ‘I hope it doesn’t taste like a Nuns Caen!’ An image that has been burned into my retinas ever since. Pair with something fruity from 'Ewe-andewan.'"

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