Palms Trax Presents Jay’s Cheese Of The Day – Day 1: English Farmhouse Cheddar


Before Jay became RA Top 100 DJ Palms Trax, he was just called Jay. Jay used to work in a cheese shop… fact. Jay likes cheese. Young Marco likes cheese. Marco and Jay don't actually talk about music as you might expect but spend the day chewing the fat – pun intended – about cheese. So this week, as part of his takeover, Marco has invited Jay to pick a cheese of the day. It's the start of the week and we need something to get us started… what does Jay have for us?

"It’s Monday so we’re going to ease into the week with a bonafide classic from one warehouse where an overpowering ponginess is actively encouraged: The Fine Cheese Company. Long before I was banned from the handling of food for failing to safeguard a shipment of delicious praline easter eggs I was free to run amok in their storage cupboard and this would always perk me up when my serotonin levels were running dangerously low. Recommended song pairing? Cause I can eat this all Day-O!"

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