Missed Skipped And Flipped #7


Beatrice Dillon – Face A/B

I don’t know how Beatrice Dillon has done this, but she’s effectively mixed minimal techno with jazzy sax farts. The blurb says this sound is technically called ‘unmistakable skronk of saxophone’. Personally I don’t care what it’s called as its fucking great! As the techno gets more and more intense, as does the skronking.

Myke Bogan – Casino Carpet

At the moment Hip-Hop seems to be too slick and over produced. Myke Bogan is the antidote. Casino Carpet is chocked full of lurid samples and laugh out loud, mad as fuck lyrics. Opening track Pink Cocaine name checks the Rugrats and 6 Beers rates FIFA team for fucks sake! Who says American’s don’t like football? If you like you’re Hip-Hip underground with its tongue in its preverbal smoke filled cheek, then this is for you!

Guy Fox – Night Owl

I shouldn’t like this, but somehow I can’t stop playing it. The horns are infectious, the beats are hard and crisp and the vocals managed to float above it all like some kind of pop phantom. San Franciso has always liked to think its ahead of the game, musically speaking, by bringing us the psych movement in the 1960’s ad 1970’s, Metallica in the 1980’s and DJ Shadow in the 1990’s. Now it’s mixing electro indie pop with a tight as fuck brass section. Oh San Franciso we’re paying attention again…

Utah? – Oxygen

The genre of this is Avant Garde Bass. After listening to it, you can kind of see where Utah? was coming from, but overall it’s pretty safe. Saying that the bass is pretty good. Maybe not enough to clear a snow covered car with the stereo on full, but enough to make those late night tubes/night buses more bearable on a Saturday night.

Nick Malkin – Christmas Light Through a Rain-Streaked Migraine

Not sure why an EP with Christmas in the title is being released in September, but I generally don’t care as Nick Malkin has put together a collection of tracks that merge minimal break beats, lurid synths, and a melee of guitars, pianos and harmonious vocals to create something that not only conjures up memories of early Mo Wax and Trip-Hop (before it was a dirty word), but sounds fantastic too!