House Hunting Hot Giveaway #2


So after Tuesday’s Trax Records giveaway (you could be that wax winner and own a sealed slice of Sweet D flavour – last day to enter, check it out here) the House Hunting Hot Week continues with ANOTHER FREE GIVEAWAY!

If you check out House Hunting every week then you’ll know Hoxton wax haunt Love Vinyl is always on my rack raiding radar whether it’s ascending the hallowed turf of the Love Vinyl loft, diggin’ deep in the basement bargain bins or just routin’ through the racks to seek some second-hand solace – one of my fave record joints in London Town for house haulin’. So it’s only natural I run a hot house comp that gives you a chance to get your black crack fix with House Hunting and Love Vinyl joining forces to give away a twenty quid vinyl voucher! Dave and Roual may try tempting you with their new release section (I’ll let you off if you get one of the Trax or Basic Channel reissues) but my advice stay second-hand as you don’t know what wax jewel you’ll unearth…

So just like the Trax comp all you gotta do is like and share this article tagging Ransom Note in your post – Facebook/Instagram/Twitter whatever it doesn’t matter… We’ll announce the winner tomorrow so don’t hang about you know what to do!