Audio Love 8.5.15


Various Artists – All (Dial)

In a scene where labels come and go, Dial records has been a rock of reliability for a decade and a half with release after release of deep, contemplative and exquisite dance music. Set up in Hamburg in 1999, the label are now celebrating 15 years at the top of the game with this compilation of new material and it’s a fitting testament to the strength of their sound. This is going to drop on CD but there will also be a series of 12”s too and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

It’s pretty tricky to pick favourites from this but I’ll try. Firstly you have to listen to “I Want to be Art” by Stefan Tcherepnin which is a strange, badly sung Japanese/English anthem. Next I’m going to choose “No Exit” by Efdemin. This guy makes some of the most beautiful, hypnotic techno out there and this track is a fine example. Also Carsten Jost’s “My Confession” is a classic cut of silky yet powerful house music. I know superlatives are bandied around like crack outside the school gates these days but I’m going to say it. This is fucking sublime.

Out soon as a 15 track CD and 3 installments of vinyl sampler. Don’t miss this!!

El_Txef_A – For Terrence McKenna EP (Flumo)

I’ve always been impressed by the output of Flumo and their last few releases have been some of the strongest yet. Now they’re teaming up with Basque a rtist Aitor Etxebarria or El_Txef_A for this lovely two track 10” of rough, heads down acid and it’s fucking brilliant.

We kick off with “Neurotransmitters Communication” which is a paranoid, chugging acid work out. A rasping 303 pings off around your head while clattering hats go off left right and center while Terrence McKenna’s esoteric voice waxes lyrical about neurotransmitters, the Gaian mind and the well of worlds. This is an all out assault. Over on the flip “Fear vs Love” has a lovely, swung breakbeat and again the all devouring acid line. This is one of the best releases from Flumo so far. Buy it!

Out now on wax

Causa – 002 EP (Birdie)

Markus Kaye A.K.A. Trevino has recently set up Birdie Records and it promises to be one to watch for sure. For his second release he’s enlisted the excellent and diverse talent that is Causa for a 4 tracker of deep but effective techno. It’s dark, it’s moody, he holds down chords for THE WHOLE FUCKING TRACK, and it’s also very good. His fingers must have been knackered afterwards!! Get on this and keep your eyes peeled for Birdie and Causa in the future.

Out now on wax