Audio Love 7.5.14



Ok to Four Tet’s Text Records has just dropped a bunch of releases which means I’m both elated and poorer in equal measure. Now all of these new bits that they’ve been dropping are worth checking out but I’m picking the Tarval release to include in these hallowed pages.

The EP kicks off with “Gar’s Highway” which is an absolute killer. It’s an all encompassing, head devouring dancefloor track and is going to get some heavy play from me. “Gonna Rain” is a more housey affair, centred around a brace of vocal samples and it’s damned effective. From here we move on to Streetways which is warm, loopy, colourful techno of the highest order. Finally “Doug’s Prayer” is built around a piano stab, and continues the EPs fast paced feel. I like this EP a lot. Can you tell?

Out now on wax


MOS Deep are my one of my go to imprints for chunky, rasping acid and this latest offering from D’Marc Cantu is right up my street. Cantu has put a good decade or so into working on deep, jacking acid and this pedigree really shows through in the quality of this three tracker.

The EP opens with the title track which is definitely the pick of the bunch for me. It’s quite fast paced, but has a lovely open feel to it. Warm chords and a meandering analogue bass with such a lovely deep kick drum I’m in heaven. On the flip we’ve got “1 Lb of Flesh” which is a slower, more jagged affair. Finally “Acid Test” brings up the rear which is an absolute thumper, with an evil little growling bassline. Quality.

Out now on wax and digi



Abdulla Rashim is one of the most adept producers at the moment in the world of deep, drizzly, hypnotic techno music. Over the past few years he seems to have been pretty prolific, blending broken rhythms, intense soundscapes and sparse aesthetics. With this in mind it’s very fitting for Abdulla to be teaming up with the Swedish label Northern Electronics who excel at releasing mind bending soundscape compositions on a variety of media.

This album is a tour de force for Rashim. He’s not going into any new territory for himself, but he really delivers what he does well. The whole album is totally immersive, with heavy, droney soundscapes, jagged and unsettling rhythms and 3 times more reverb than your recommended daily amount. Listen to it loud but don’t tell your GP.

Out 12th May on double 12” LP, CD, cassette and digi



Too much great music to get through this week. Woe is me! The master of the understated, infectious groove is back with a two tracker on Amam. It’s everything you’d expect from Lo Soul. “Below the Clouds” is intricate, moody and atmospheric whilst “Morning Birds” is bright and uplifting. Great release from an old master.

Out 19th May on wax and digital



Joe Europe