Audio Love 31.07.14


Europe's back in the game with some crackers this week…

Steevio – Cynfos (Until My Heart Stops)

Until My Heart Stops (UMHS) is a label set up by Leif and Joe Ellis and it’s a big time favourite of mine. Which makes me wonder why it’s only now on release number five that I’m actually getting round to writing about these guys. Shame on me. Anyway, Leif and Joe put together the label a couple of years back and have since released some absolutely awesome music by artists such as Joey Anderson, October, Arnaldo and of course the guys themselves. In my opinion it’s one of the finest labels around at the moment and it’s still under a lot of people’s radars. Their sound focuses on electronic music that is deep, weird, interesting and forward thinking. The two are part of the close knit Freerotation family and so it seems very fitting that their fifth release sees them championing the sound of festival head honcho Steevio.

Steevio is known for his live modular techno performances at Freerotation and that’s exactly what we’ve got here. The title track has a steady pulse and then the rest is made up of interlocking patterns of bubbling synth lines. There really aren't many elements here and the uncluttered nature of the track makes the groove all the more effective. Next up is "Taro" which is an ambient excursion with a similar sound pallet to "Cynthos" but this time with plenty of space and no beat. Following on from here we've got Joey Anderson and DJ Spider remixes of "Cynthos" and they're both fantastic. Mr Anderson's offering takes things into similar territory of his recent album on Dekmantel; weird and questioning. Finally DJ Spider takes things rough and tough for the last track. One of the strongest releases yet for a very strong label.  


Out now – vinyl only. If you rip this your CDJ will spontaneously combust.


AYBEE & African Sciences – Sketches of Space (Deepblak)

Deepblak, the imprint run by the excellent AYBEE, has had a pretty exceptional output over the last couple of years. They're a label who seem to be able to effortlessly cater for the dancefloor whilst also releasing some quite out there and experimental records too. This double vinyl from AYBEE and African Sciences falls firmly into the latter category. The title "Sketches of Space" references the Miles Davis album "Sketches of Spain" and their approach to the recording focuses on improvisation and experimentation. So for that reason don't expect an easy listen but my guess is if you're checking this record that's not what you're looking for. It's jarring at times, eerie at others, and the sound design is excellent. But as a whole the result is 6 very accomplished excursions into the minds of these two producers who actually seem to have vision and a drive to be different, not just follow accepted tropes until the cows come home.

Out now on wax




Voisky – Spotlight Diktat EP (Sheik 'N' Beik)

Voisky is a talented Parisian producer who seems to be gathering quite a head of steam at the moment. He's been putting out music for quite a few years now but after two releases on L.I.E.S. this seems to have projected him into people's consciousness somewhat. His latest release which is soon to drop on Sheik 'N' Bake sees him continuing with his strong, machine led techno but with a melancholic feel to it. Great release from a producer to add to your “ones to watch” list.


Out on wax on the 8th August


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