Audio Love 29.8.14


Moiré – Shelter (Werkdiscs/Ninja Tune)

The Ninja Tune affiliated Werkdiscs was set up by Darren J. Cunningham aka Actress back in 2004.  A decade later and they’ve built a name for themselves for pushing weird, challenging but often exceptionally good electronic music. They’ve put out some high quality material from the likes of Lukid, Lone, Actress himself and also a very good EP from Moiré last year.

Now they’re preparing to drop a full length from Moiré and it’s off the scale. From the outset this album is densely textured and jarring but he really gets the balance right between pushing things weird and also not taking things so far that you’re left without anything to hold on to. It’s all expertly put together too, with some really beautiful and dreamlike moments but also with some proper dancefloor moments too. One of the best albums I’ve heard this year.

Out imminently on double LP, CD and digi


Ruf Dug – Magnetic Atmosphere (Lectric Sands)

Can’t let this week go by without a mention of this gem. Ruf Dug is a bit of a maestro in my book and this new wax on Lectric Sands is one of his best yet in my humble opinion. Low-fi but solid house music that manages to be both sleazy and melancholic in equal measure. Perfect.

Out now on wax 



Diego Krause – Unison Wax 2 (Unison Wax)

The Berlin based Unison Wax are only on their second release but if the story so far is anything to go by then they’re definitely worth keeping your eyes peeled for. Three cuts of deep, tracky, straight-to-the-point dancefloor house music. The production is proper tight too. I’ve been playing both releases and they’re excellent. TIP! 

Out 8th September on wax


Panthera Krause – Rules EP (Lobster Theremin)

Ok we’re on release number 7 from everyone’s favourite shellfish based electronic instrument come label and it’s another high quality offering. This time the Lobster Theramin family welcome Leipzig artist Panthera Krause to the fold and the result is a wonderful EP of idiosyncratic house music. The groves here feel light and effortless but there’s some pretty weighty bass going on also. “Them Flutes” is an absolute jam. (btw I'm sure Panthera and Diego aren't brothers but I could be wrong). 

Out 29th August on wax


Wil's One Liners…

Orlando Julius – Disco Hi-Life

I'm not sure I understand modern music this week so I'm sticking with some Orlando Julius.