Audio Love 26.2.15


Arnaldo – With You by the Lake EP (Until My Heart Stops)

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Leif and Joe Ellis’ Until My Heart Stops imprint. They just keep coming up with one excellent release after another veering from lush warm modular goodness from Steevio to just the downright weird noises of Joey Anderson. This latest one from Arnaldo is one of the strongest yet so I highly recommend you add it to your collections. Three tracks of beautifully understated, warm and open house music. Damn straight.

Out now on wax

Zenker Brothers – Immersion (Ilian Tape)

For me Ilian Tape have been one of the best and most consistent techno labels of the past few years. I’ve loved techno for a long old time and, without wanting to sound too clichéd, have always been drawn to the blend of raw, sci-fi sound pallet but with an undertone of soul and this is what Ilian Tape have been delivering better than most. So I was obviously hyped to see that label bosses Dario and Marco had taken the extra step and put out a full length LP which gives them much more space to get a bit more explorative with their sound. There are still excellent dancefloor tracks here but they’ve been able to let go a bit more than they would with a 4 track EP and get into some ambience and create a bit of a story.

Oh, and they’re lovely guys too as you can check out in the Label Love I just dun did with them.

Out now on wax + digital etc. 

Alan Delius & Adam Stromstedt – BP 02 (Banoffee Pies)

Ok I’m very late on getting round to reviewing this one but I’m totally fine with being out of date. Banoffee Pies is a very promising new label out of Bristol and their second offering showcasing tracks from Alan Delius and Adam Stromstedt is well worth picking up.  Veering from wonky-yet-crisp hip hop to down beat house to uptempo garage, this is a record that gives you diversity and quality in one, ergonomic package. Keep your eyes peeled for these dudes in the future.

Out now on wax 

Wil's One Liners…

CHNSTRK002 – DJ Bus Replacement Service

Can someone lend me 286 quid please?