Audio Love 25.9.15


Scott Grooves – Parts Manager EP (Natural Midi)

The Detroit legend Scott Grooves has just dropped a quality four tracker on his own imprint Natural Midi. If it’s expertly produced, forward thinking house music that doesn’t bother to try to follow the herd you’re after then this will be right up your street.

Scott’s productions have always been a huge influence on me, and this latest 12” sees him in fine form. We kick off with 'Finished' which is a pure chugger, with weighty 909 hats and a steady groove. Next up 'Inspiration Sound' all hinges around a lovely, broken drum pattern and deep subbass, with swirling pads and a beautiful meandering lead line. Over on the flip we have the sublime, dubby excursion of 'The Sauce' and finally the raw and jagged edges of 'Nitty Gritty'. I love the breadth of the sound on offer on this EP, effortlessly morphing from the funk to the grit.

This is a cracker – go buy it.

Out now on wax 

Mike Broers – Stagma EP (CLEAR)

The Chicago imprint CLEAR are almost set to drop this rather fine EP from Mike Broers and it’s definitely not one to put on in the car when you’re giving your grandma a lift. Unless your grandma is into hectic techno. Oh she is? Well isn’t that marvelous.

We kick off with 'SVHS Demonstration' and it’s fast paced and a bit mental. If I had to describe it as a personality I’d have to say it would be edgy, rude and could probably benefit from a referral to the local psychiatric provision. Next up 'Stagma' is a bit less mental, but its steady thump underpinned by a jittery acid line is both lovely and unhinged. Over on the flip we have '99_999' which again goes into deranged territory with weird chattering synths that sound like your little sisters mates all trying to give you a make over when you’re 6 hours into an acid trip and things aren’t going well. Bringing things to a close we have 'Clavis' which, while still sticking with the eerie aesthetic, is actually a bit of a house pumper at heart. I love the way this EP goes into some very mad territory but it’s still crisply executed, and Mike seems to be able to pick out some of my favourite colors from the techno pallet but still make music that feels like it makes sense today.


Out soon on wax 

Autarkic – Hello to Mrs. Blank (Golf Channel)

Golf Channel are bringing up their 59th release with this lovely piece of cold wave from sunny Tel Aviv, proving once again what a wonderful and diverse imprint this is. Suitably angst ridden and detached, the darker tones are nicely offset by some almost anthemic moments. This really is a little gem right here. 

Out soonish I guess so keep your eyes peeled.

Floorplan – Funky Souls (Rush Hour)

Amazing – Rush Hour have just repressed this absolutely essential piece of stripped down, funked up dancefloor goodness from Robert Hood under his Floorplan alias. I had a bit of an argument in my office yesterday when a colleague said he didn't need to buy Rob Hood records, all he needed to do was to buy a drum machine and make the music himself. Such is the reverse smoke and mirror effect of such seemingly effortless and simple music. It aint easy to make so few elements come together to be so brutal and funky. Anyway, I’m not going to wax lyrical about this particular record. It's bloody good and, if you don’t already have it, now is a great chance to bag a classic.

Out now on wax


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The O’Jays – I Love Music (Philadelphia International Records)

“Music is the healing force of the world!!!” I love this track so much and so I was absolutely chuffed to pick it up for 50p recently. Granted it’s only the 7” version and not the mega-epic Tom Moulton re-cut that is displayed in all it’s glory in the YouTube clip below. I first heard this on the soundtrack of the classic film Carlito’s Way and I’ve loved it ever since. I might just have to rip it and make my own extended edit because the 7” version doesn’t quite do it justice.

Goldie – Inner City Life (Metalheadz/FFRR)

Wow. The sound of my youth right here and I think it only cost a quid in the local Sue Ryder shop. If one sound truly encapsulates the birth of my love affair with electronic music it’s the early Metalheadz sound; 'Timeless', 'Platinum Breaks' etc. How this music ends up on the stereo of a 13 year old in rural Shropshire I’m not sure but it blew me away. Those strings! Those breaks!