Audio Love 19.11.14


Joe E's are a good:
Hack – Half Way Home (Untzz)

I had this lovely slice of wax recommended to me whilst having a hung over dig in YAM records the other day. Untzz is a label based all the way down there on the other side of the planet (Adelaide to be precise) and they pretty much hit the nail on the head for me as far as modern house music goes. Warm, groove led, at times erratic, always interesting.

This 7th release comes courtesy of Hack and follows in the same vein, easing into the proceedings slowly with the chopped up sampled start of “8208”. The washing pianos giving way to clipped, heavily swung house beat reminicent of boompity Chicago. Next up “Domino” slows things down a bit. Building out of a bed of percussion, we get lovely analogue chords (a Juno 6?) and a spiraling arpeggio to wash your brain away come 6am.

Over on the flip we’ve got “Half Way Home” which is a schmoove, driving house number based around some lovely Rhodes chords and an economical but effective rhythm section. Finally “Work at it” takes things in a different direction, with it’s clunky drums and oddball, meandering acid line. Cracking release and defo a label to look out for.

Out now on wax 

If you like that, try this rougher cut out for size – also on Untzz (and big up the YAM boys for the recommendation on that one too) 


Marco Zenker – 2626 (Ilian Tape)

I only came across the Munich based Ilian Tape recently and they’ve swiftly become one of my favourite techno labels around at the moment. Set up by the Zenker Brothers, they’ve been going since 2007 so, as per usual, I’m pretty late to the party. This latest offering from Marco Zenker is pure fire. Marco weaves his way from the open pads and teasing amen of “Geezin” to the dreamy atmospherics of “Lubiana” via the more weighty, upfront territory of “Splifer” and “Darai”. This is high quality and I advise you check it out.

Out now on wax 

Deep’a and Biri – Basement Cuts (Jaunt)

I must be going techno in my old age. Or maybe just getting back to my roots? Whatever it is I’ve been immensely enjoying this upcoming number from Newcastle based Jaunt Records. This is their second release (their first is fucking great too) and comes from Israeli duo Deep’a and Biri with an excellent remix from the Analogue Cops. It’s dubby, slightly paranoid dancefloor goodness and well worth checking out.

This is coming soon on wax but you can grab the first one here (the first one is priced at £8.99 and the second at £8.75 so the first one is obviously 24 pence worth more banging – do the math) 


Nothing But Blood – White of the Eye – Crimes of the Future

Tim Fairplay and Scott Fraser's Crimes of the Future label (check our Label Love here) have been carving out their own unique path in the electronic. Analogue in nature and attitude but not finding it necessary to shout this fact from the rooftops, they're only 5 releases in but but each outpouring is already a wholly essential purchase. Nothing but Blood is Mr Fraser's alter ego and his first release on the imprint. The 11 minute extended acid of White of the eye on the A-side is somewhat of a beast. Throw in a Silent Servant mix on the flip and the industrial relentlessness of Vocal and you've got a challenging floor trio. Recommended… highly.  Ltd hand stamped white label available December 2014