Audio Love 002 – 2014

Back with more love than an e'd up polygamist, here's this week's selections of aural gems… 

Juju & Jordash Waldorf Salad/Third Planet from Altair (Dekmantel)

A new release from JJ and JD is always hotly anticipated in these parts, and also any new offering from Dekmantel is always checked with anticipation so the two coming together has set pulses racing a little. This two tracker is a killer and no mistake, with two nicely contrasting tunes that show off the pairs quality. Waldorf Salad is a slightly confusing, sparkly mess, with churning synth patterns and delays tripping off left right and centre.  On the flip though, Third Planet from Altair is an insistent, brooding thumper with a chunky as fuck 909 beat. (Joe Europe)
Out 10th Feb on wax


Soulade Loves to Dance EP (Vitalik)

Vitalik reach their 20th release with an accomplished and very different EP from label boss Soulade AKA Ryan O Gorman. This package consists of 3 original tracks plus a joint remix from The Mole and Chris Hreno and really cements this labels standing as an outlet for quality music. 
Throughout the EP Ryan keeps his sound pallet varied, contrasting and challenging. He offsets the powerful vocals of Gladys Knight with an almost guttural beat and strange churning sounds like the whining of subway cars as they rattle and scrape against each other. Deep grooves and rhythms are overlaid with slightly clashing chords and melodies. All quality tracks aimed at subverting the dancefloor. Oh and the Mole and Chris Hrenos mix is a killer. (Joe Europe)
Out now on digi


Lauer Laui XIV (Running back)

Phillip Lauer continues his fruitful relationship with Running Back with this impeccable EP of timeless house music. This collection captures the innocence of a lot of genres with the word proto stuck in front blending catchiness, openness, and spacyness in equal measure. Id say that Angus is a standout for me but that would take away too much from the rest. (Joe Europe)
Out now on wax


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Big Ben Tribe – Tarzan Loves The Summer Nights

Superb unearth / re-release from the amazing DarK Entries label of the impossible to find Big Ben Tribe way back in 1984. Probably the only record to make Tarzan calls sound cool! Dub Tarzan on the flip is equally incredible. Dub Tarzan mate, new thing that. Order it. Now. Here. (Wil)

Postcards from LA #06

Another colourful week here in the city of angels, and one in which I bumped into a certain gentleman by the name of Ron Jeremy. Hot topics on the menu included pub quiz tips and his very own blend of rum. With it being a school night we kept the conversation PG. To the music… 
Wax treatment

Psychemagik – Magik Sunrise

Absolute cracking compilation on Leng Records from Psychemagik here, some serious gems on show. When it comes to digging these guys really go the distance, and the sear scope of tracks on 'Magik Sunrise' represents that mindset of unearthing forgotten and hard to find wax. The instrumental version of 'Toubab Bile' is a belter. Sniff this one out for sure.

Perc – Take Your Body Off

I've been lucky enough to wrap my earlobes around forthcoming long player 'The Power and the Glory' from Perc this week, and boy does it deliver. The kind of all encompassing techno that channels the likes of Throbbing Gristle and British Murder Boys through an industrial wide lens. Gold standard stuff indeed. First taster of the album comes in the form of 'Take Your Body Off', feast your eyes on the video handy work from Dan Tombs.

Passarella Death Squad – Anthem/Just Like Sleepw

Days Of Being Wild put out some of my favourites releases last year and if this double headed beauty from Passarella Death Squad is anything to go by, then there is gonna be no letting up. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Radioactive Man – Goodnight Morton

I've recently been digging into some of the early works of Radioactive Man. His debut album on Rotters Golf Club really is a landmark record for me, and was key in cementing my love for electro. 2014 looks set to be a busy one for him with many a musical iron in the fire. 'Goodnight Morton' is electronic music in it's finest form.

Echaskech – Form | Function EP
Ahead of their 'Origin' album (their third for Just Music no less) Echaskech release the 'Form | Function EP'. I'm late to the party on these guys, who have been crafting hypnotizing electronica for a good while now. I actually caught wind of them via 'Tact Switch' which featured on the excellent 'Music Sans Frontiers' compilation last year.
Mix of the week
This week's mix comes from a gentleman who is increasingly becoming the dj's dj, Midland. His FACT mix still find heavy rotation at Oxley towers and it goes without saying I was chopping at the bit when his RA podcast hit the internet freeway. Like all the best mixes, it holds it's own identity and crosses many a genre. A real gem. 
Dollar Bin Sunday
Not strictly a Dollar Bin find, but a find non the less. New Yorker DJ Bruce has given the classic 'Brother's Gonna Work It Out' an edit boost. Retaining the original magic, this is a really nice touch driving the beats home. 
Well worth a butchers later this month is Bl__k Noise. A collaborative event from and Los Angeles techno (who indecently just launched a new imprint VRV) institution Droid Behavior, Trash Audio and Celebrate Everything. These guys cut the mustard, and this evening of analog and digital hardware performances definitely requires an earmark in the diary.