8 Tracks: Tirzah Gives Us Tracks To Stop Summer Finishing


Tirzah has recently gifted the world a fine new three tracker via Greco-Roman. Created with her old mucker Micachu, the Make It Up EP is an undefinable shot of 21st century soul, where house rhythms lollop out at the languid speed of RnB and rubbery basslines carry Tirzah's nonchalant vocal from the bedroom to the dancefloor. Despite having recorded bits and pieces for Greco-Roman over the last couple of years, Tirzah's generally steered clear of publicity – firing her finely crafted wonk pop from the shadows and moving on. So we were pleased when she agreed to pick us out 8 tracks, and more so when she elected to grab 8 summer jams – we're already sniffing with colds and shivering in the office, so anything that makes up for the woeful excuse for a British summer is more than welcome. You'll notice there's only 6 videos above – that's because the 7th and 8th tracks are too deep to be on YouTube; soundcloud only here kids…! First was a slice of freak jazz from Klein called Sorry Mate "Love this lady’s music." wrote Tirzah. "Saw her play Cafe Oto a short while back. So much class!!!!!" And here it is:

And next up was Coby Sey's Lamp Marathon which now appears to have disappeared from Soundcloud, so we're going to post his recent Boiler Room set instead which has the cut around halfway through. Tirzah writes, "Coby Sey’s 'Lamp Marathon’ is a track I can listen to for days. He's got the knack."

You can listen to Tirzah's Make It UP EP over here

Delroy Edwards - Walk Out On You (Feat. Marvin Gaye)


  • Delroy Edwards - Walk Out On You (Feat. Marvin Gaye)


  • Alice Coltrane - Atomic Peace

    Listen to Alice Coltrane.

  • Tink - Treat Me Like Somebody (Official Video) Shot By @Azaeproduction

    Such nice lyrics in this.

  • Ratking - Piece Of Shit (A Film By Ari Marcopoulos)

    Play this again and again. Nice video too.

  • Georgia - Move Systems (Official Video)

    Loads of tunes on her new album!!!!

  • Funkadelic - Maggot Brain [Hq]


  • Kate Tempest - 'Marshall Law'

    SO SO GOOD. You have to see her live as well.