8 Tracks: Of Fada Records


A little while back we were approached by a record label called Fada Records, a multi faceted imprint split between Los Angeles and Marseille.

They approached us and presented us with an extensive collection of music with which they proclaimed to be having difficulty sharing with the wider world. From time to time we are sent such messages but this was unique based on the fact that each and every one of their releases sounded incredible and distinct in their own right. Fada Records is a label which deserves to be widely known and praised for its approach. 

The music policy is varied and abstract – the releases span a wide remit of musical taste and genres. From deep house through to lo fi, hip hop to abstract balearic soundscapes. This is a label which should be worthy of more attention. 

We invited the label boss to nominate some of his favourite tracks which Fada Records has been responsible for signing and releasing to the wider world. 

See below:

1# Vertiqua – persconnecsh 

Persconnecsh was made right after a Japan Tour we did last year.
The name comes from Vertiqua not having service anywhere and always needing a personal hotspot.
He might be the youngest one and least responsible of the crew but undoubtedly one of the most talented.

2# Jano One – Super Ono (feat. Benos)

Jano is a traveler at heart, all his tracks feel like a journey.
Some feel like a sail, a space trip around the moon or just a walk outside the house.
From what he told us, Super Ono is also inspired by the Japan Tour and Benos is his rapper persona. 
The name comes from his black cat named Benson.

3# Pink Siifu – mama raised a real one ft Akai Solo (prod. iiye)

I met Pink Siifu at Low End Theory in LA back in 2015, we have been family ever since. 
He has been shining brightly since some time now and getting the recognition he deserves.
He sent me this track after a Europe Tour him and Ahwlee did where we all played a show in France.

4# Khoomi – Broken Fingers 

We don’t really have much to say about Khoomi… We don’t even know if he still makes music, however this track stays a classic from the label.
Last time we saw him, he was planning a trip to Mongolia to learn Tibetan Buddhism.

5# Yayayi & Amai –  good girls, yes 

This track was made by Korean duo Yayayi & Amai.
They both live in Los Angeles and their hazy trap infused material really sets them appart from other conventional producers.
They also don’t seem to give a fuck about trends or hype shit; which I highly respect.

6# Boronko – ARBAK39 

Boronko is the black sheep of Fada Records.
Living in the hills and making all his music with a demo version of FL Studio, he represents the dark side of the label.
His music is based around tribal rhythms and doesn’t sound close to any other releases on the label. 
This track in particular sounds futuristic but also has a primitive vibe… I don't know how he does it

7# Nat Gosha – More Strange Magic

This is the ideal track to cruise next to the beach at sunset or early in the morning.
It just fits perfectly with the transitional states of the sun.

8# Velvetian Measures – Hi Def Thought Waves

This is some trippy LA shittt; made between Long Beach, Sendai (Japan), Hollywood and Marseille.
The whole album is a fusion between Meditative Music, LA Beats and Psychedelic Rock. 

Visit the Fada Records bandcamp HERE