8 Tracks: From Visits to the Pub underage with dBridge


Here's a prominent and familiar face with a brand new tale of tracks which soundtracked youthful years spent drunkenly in pubs underage, The Nags Head & The Morgan in Malvern to be precise. dBridge has been around the block and is regarded as a prominent innovator in British dance and electronic music having released prominently on the likes of Nonplus, Metalheadz, R&S and his own Exit Records imprint. A pioneering figure of rave and drum & bass as part of the infamous Bad Company he has remained true to his own taste and interest for many years and has consistently released some of the most influential music within the genre across decades. 

This month marks the release of a new LP from the longstanding producer, his first in ten years to be specific. Titled 'A Love I Can't Explain' it features trademark nods to a distant time whilst underpins the futuristic dynamism of dBridge as a producer in the present days. 

He picks piece of eight below. 

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Pixies - Debaser (Official Video)

Reminds me of drinking Diesel and throwing up purple sick .

  • Pixies - Debaser (Official Video)

    Reminds me of drinking Diesel and throwing up purple sick .

  • The Charlatans - Then

    Before Mumble rap there was Mumble indie rock.

  • Stone Roses - Sally Cinnamon

    Madchester was a thing in Malvern.

  • Iron Maiden - Can I Play With Madness (Official Video)

    The Nags Head was more of a biker pub, so Eddy patches were seen sawn on many a denim jacket.

  • Inxs - Need You Tonight

    A personal fav of mine. I think I was more into INXS than any of my mates, I think you can agree it’s stood the test of time, honing my impeccable taste from a young age.

  • Jane's Addiction - Been Caught Stealing (Video)

    The one time Dave Navarro was cool, always felt they were giving a nod to Manchester with this track, plus I use to work in a supermarket doing late night shelf stacking and would often pinch alcohol, we got away with it as the night manager was just as bad. I hope my aunt and uncle aren’t reading this.

  • Duran Duran - The Wild Boys (Official Music Video)

    The Album Decade was a money maker for The Morgan, this song was played more than it had any right to. It is good tbf.

  • Depeche Mode - World In My Eyes (Video Version)

    The whole Violator LP is a huge influence on me. The running order, tone and mix, audio perfection!