Xosar readies new album on Bedouin Records


The Tao Te Ching: a 4th Century BC text cited as a fundamental pillar of Taosim, influencing schools of thought such as Confucianism and Buddhism. A clear influence for many philosophers and thinkers, both of ancient epochs and recent years. 

Count Xosar, real name Sheela Rahman, amongst the influenced. The Berlin-via-San Jose artist, thinker and performer has named a specific passage from this seminal text as the key stimulus behind her upcoming album: "The Possessor Possesses Nothing". Set for release on the 1st February next year on Bedouin Records, the LP tackles issues of anti-elitism and anti-censorship as a means of self-therapy for the talented American. By freeing her studio process and internal restraints, Rahman details the liberating effects of the album as conducing “the feeling of being a kid again and allowing pure expression to flow.”

Listen to ‘Vibration Acceleration’ off the upcoming album HERE.