Wintercoats – Working On A Dream (Free Download)

At a time when my brain feels like it’s about to have a meltdown through over exposure to my life draining laptop, along pops this oasis of calm and wonderment of an EP from the wonderful Cascine. Thank you for being my saviour in these times of near breakdown.

“Pensive, delicate, ornate and lush” are all words used to describe the gentle music of James Wallace, a multi-instrumentalist from Melbourne, Australia who records and performs under the name Wintercoats.

On this EP and this track acoustic atmospherics give way to sublime strings moments that make life seem OK again. Download this track and buy Wintercoats’ debut EP, Sketches. It is a thing of beauty and wonder. Sketches, is a stunning collection of songs. Bells and chimes drip from corners, piano keys build from below, bass lines swell and string arrangements dance about.

Imagine them at the Islington Union Chapel… now that I would like to see.