Watch: The Chap – Jammer


Something that has been perpetually missing from the art of the musical is men humping cars. While we're not entirely sure whether or not this is the best thing for the evolution of the human race, we do know that when it's combined with the latest song from The Chap it makes for two of the most enjoyable minutes of your day. Whether the car would be saying the same thing is entirely another matter…

There's nothing high budget or flashy about the way that the pair of rambuncsious young upstarts in the video go about their peculiar business, although hopefully the cars being used were under ownership of someone in the know and weren't harmed in the making of this film, but you'll find it hard to draw your eyes away from what plays in front of you.

Just be aware, this isn't that creepy kind of car humping that Louis Theroux or one of those types did a documentary on. This is a strictly jeans on affair, the video is probably just about child friendly. Maybe not… Judge for yourself;

Jammer is out now via Lo Recordings.